Song of Solomon chapter 1

Song 1:1-4. The church’s love unto Christ.
Song 1:5-6. She confesses her deformity,
Song 1:7. and prays to be directed to his flock.
Song 1:8. Christ directs her to the shepherd’s tents;
Song 1:9-10. and shewing his love to her,
Song 1:11. gives her gracious promises.
Song 1:12-17. The church and Christ congratulate one another.

Song of Solomon chapter 2

Song 2:1-7. The mutual love of Christ and his church.
Song 2:8-9. The hope,
Song 2:10-13. and calling of the church.
Song 2:14-15. Christ’s care of the church.
Song 2:16-17. The profession of the church, her faith, and hope.

Song of Solomon chapter 3

Song 3:1-5. The church’s fight and victory in temptation.
Song 3:6-11. The church glories in Christ.

Song of Solomon chapter 4

Song 4:1-7. Christ sets forth the graces of the church.
Song 4:8-15. He shews his love to her.
Song 4:16. The church prays to be made fit for his presence.

Song of Solomon chapter 5

Song 5:1. Christ awakes the church with his calling.
Song 5:2-8. The church having a taste of Christ’s love, is sick of love.
Song 5:9-16. A description of Christ by his graces.

Song of Solomon chapter 6

Song 6:1-3. The church professes her faith in Christ.
Song 6:4-9. Christ shews the graces of the church;
Song 6:10-13. and his love towards her.

Song of Solomon chapter 7

Song 7:1-9. A further description of the church’s graces.
Song 7:10-13. The church professes her faith and desire.

Song of Solomon chapter 8

Song 8:1-5. The love of the church to Christ.
Song 8:6-7. The vehemency of love.
Song 8:8-13. The calling of the Gentiles.
Song 8:14. The church prays for Christ’s coming.