Proverbs chapter 1

Pr 1:1-6. The use of the proverbs.
Pr 1:7-9. An exhortation to fear God, and believe his word;
Pr 1:10-19. to avoid the enticings of sinners.
Pr 1:20-23. Wisdom complains of her contempt.
Pr 1:24-33. She threatens her contemners.

Proverbs chapter 2

Pr 2:1-9. Wisdom promises godliness to her children;
Pr 2:10-19. and safety from evil company;
Pr 2:20-22. and direction in good ways.

Proverbs chapter 3

Pr 3:1-12. Sundry exhortations.
Pr 3:13-26. The gain of wisdom.
Pr 3:27-32. Exhortation to beneficence, etc.
Pr 3:33-35. The different state of the wicked and upright.

Proverbs chapter 4

Pr 4:1-13. Solomon persuades to wisdom,
Pr 4:14-19. and to shun wickedness.
Pr 4:20-27. He exhorts to sanctification.

Proverbs chapter 5

Pr 5:1-2. Solomon exhorts to wisdom.
Pr 5:3-14. He shews the mischief of whoredom and riot.
Pr 5:15-21. He exhorts to contentedness, liberality, and chastity.
Pr 5:22-23. The wicked are overtaken with their own sins.

Proverbs chapter 6

Pr 6:1-5. Against suretyship;
Pr 6:6-11. idleness;
Pr 6:12-15. and mischievousness.
Pr 6:16-19. Seven things hateful to God.
Pr 6:20-24. The blessings of obedience.
Pr 6:25-35. The mischiefs of whoredom.

Proverbs chapter 7

Pr 7:1-5. Solomon persuades to a sincere and kind familiarity with wisdom.
Pr 7:6-9. In an example of his own experience, he shews,
Pr 7:10-21. the cunning of a harlot;
Pr 7:22-23. and the desperate simplicity of a young wanton.
Pr 7:24-27. He dehorteth from such wickedness.

Proverbs chapter 8

Pr 8:1-5. The fame,
Pr 8:6-9. and evidence of wisdom.
Pr 8:10-11. The excellency,
Pr 8:12-14. the nature,
Pr 8:15-17. the power,
Pr 8:18-21. the riches,
Pr 8:22-31. and the eternity of wisdom.
Pr 8:32-36. Wisdom is to be desired for the blessedness it brings.

Proverbs chapter 9

Pr 9:1-3. The discipline,
Pr 9:4-12. and doctrine of wisdom.
Pr 9:13-15. The custom,
Pr 9:16-18. and error of folly.

Proverbs chapter 10

Pr 10:1-32. From this chapter through the 24th are sundry observations of moral virtues, and their contrary vices.

Proverbs chapter 11

Pr 11:1-31. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 12

Pr 12:1-28. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 13

Pr 13:1-25. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 14

Pr 14:1-35. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 15

Pr 15:1-33. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 16

Pr 16:1-33. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 17

Pr 17:1-28. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 18

Pr 18:1-24. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 19

Pr 19:1-29. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 20

Pr 20:1-30. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 21

Pr 21:1-31. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 22

Pr 22:1-29. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 23

Pr 23:1-35. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 24

Pr 24:1-34. Continued.

Proverbs chapter 25

Pr 25:1-7. Observations about kings,
Pr 25:8-28. and about avoiding causes of quarrels, and sundry causes thereof.

Proverbs chapter 26

Pr 26:1-12. Observations about fools;
Pr 26:13-16. about sluggards;
Pr 26:17-28. and about contentious busy-bodies.

Proverbs chapter 27

Pr 27:1-4. Observations of self love;
Pr 27:5-10. of true love;
Pr 27:11-22. of care to avoid offenses;
Pr 27:23-27. and of the household care.

Proverbs chapter 28

Pr 28:1-28. General observations of impiety and religious integrity.

Proverbs chapter 29

Pr 29:1-14. Observations of public government,
Pr 29:15-21. and of private.
Pr 29:22-27. Of anger, pride, thievery, cowardice, and corruption.

Proverbs chapter 30

Pr 30:1-6. Agur’s confession of his faith.
Pr 30:7-9. The two points of his prayer.
Pr 30:10. The meanest are not to be wronged.
Pr 30:11-14. Four wicked generations.
Pr 30:15-16. Four things insatiable.
Pr 30:17. Parents are not to be despised.
Pr 30:18-20. Four things hard to be known.
Pr 30:21-23. Four things intolerable.
Pr 30:24-28. Four things exceeding wise.
Pr 30:29-31. Four things stately.
Pr 30:32-33. Wrath is to be prevented.

Proverbs chapter 31

Pr 31:1-5. Lemuel’s lesson of chastity and temperance.
Pr 31:6-9. The afflicted are to be comforted and defended.
Pr 31:10-31. The praise and properties of a good wife.