Numbers chapter 1

Nu 1:1-4. God commands Moses to number the people.
Nu 1:5-16. The princes of the tribes.
Nu 1:17-46. The number of every tribe.
Nu 1:47-54. The Levites are exempted for the service of the Lord.

Numbers chapter 2

Nu 2:1-34. The order of the tribes in their tents.

Numbers chapter 3

Nu 3:1-4. The sons of Aaron.
Nu 3:5-13. The Levites are given to the priests instead of the first-born;
Nu 3:14-20. are numbered by their families.
Nu 3:21-26. The families, number, and charge of the Gershonites;
Nu 3:27-32. of the Kohathites;
Nu 3:33-37. of the Merarites.
Nu 3:38-39. The place and charge of Moses and Aaron.
Nu 3:40-43. The first-born are freed by the Levites.
Nu 3:44-51. The overplus are redeemed.

Numbers chapter 4

Nu 4:1-3. The age at which the Levites were to begin to serve, and the duration of the service.
Nu 4:4-15. The duty of the Kohathites.
Nu 4:16. The charge of Eleazar.
Nu 4:17-20. The office of the priests.
Nu 4:21-28. The duty of the Gershonites;
Nu 4:29-33. of the Merarites.
Nu 4:34-37. The number of the Kohathites;
Nu 4:38-41. of the Gershonites
Nu 4:42-49. and of the Merarites.

Numbers chapter 5

Nu 5:1-4. The unclean are removed out of camp.
Nu 5:5-10. Restitution is to be made in trespass.
Nu 5:11-31. The trial of jealousy.

Numbers chapter 6

Nu 6:1-12. The law of the Nazarite in the days of his separation;
Nu 6:13-21. and after their completion.
Nu 6:22-27. The form of blessing the people.

Numbers chapter 7

Nu 7:1-9. The offering of the princes at the dedication of the tabernacle.
Nu 7:10-88. Their several offerings at the dedication of the altar.
Nu 7:89. God speaks to Moses from the mercy seat.

Numbers chapter 8

Nu 8:1-4. How the lamps are to be lighted.
Nu 8:5-22. The consecration of the Levites.
Nu 8:23-26. The age and time of their service.

Numbers chapter 9

Nu 9:1-5. The passover is again commanded.
Nu 9:6-14. A second passover for the unclean or absent.
Nu 9:15-23. The cloud directs the removals and encampments of the Israelites.

Numbers chapter 10

Nu 10:1-10. The use of the silver trumpets.
Nu 10:11-13. The Israelites remove from Sinai to Paran.
Nu 10:14-28. The order of their march.
Nu 10:29-32. Hobab is entreated by Moses not to leave them.
Nu 10:33-36. The blessing of Moses at the removing and resting of the ark.

Numbers chapter 11

Nu 11:1-3. The burning at Taberah quenched by Moses’ prayer.
Nu 11:4-9. The people lust for flesh, and loathe manna.
Nu 11:10-15. Moses complains of his charge.
Nu 11:16-20. God promises to divide his burden unto seventy elders, and to give the people flesh for a month.
Nu 11:21-30. Moses’ faith is staggered.
Nu 11:31-35. Quails are given in wrath at Kibroth-hattaavah.

Numbers chapter 12

Nu 12:1-10. God rebukes the sedition of Miriam and Aaron.
Nu 12:11-13. Miriam’s leprosy is healed at the prayer of Moses.
Nu 12:14-15. God commands her to be shut out of the host.
Nu 12:16. The people encamp in the wilderness of Paran.

Numbers chapter 13

Nu 13:1-16. The names of the men who were sent to search the land.
Nu 13:17-20. Their instructions.
Nu 13:21-25. Their acts.
Nu 13:26-33. Their relation.

Numbers chapter 14

Nu 14:1-5. The people murmur at the news.
Nu 14:6-10. Joshua and Caleb labour to still them.
Nu 14:11-12. God threatens them.
Nu 14:13-25. Moses intercedes with God, and obtains pardon.
Nu 14:26-35. The murmurers are debarred from entering into the land.
Nu 14:36-39. The men who raised the evil report die by a plague.
Nu 14:40-45. The people that would invade the land against the will of God are smitten.

Numbers chapter 15

Nu 15:1-13. The law of the meat offering, and the drink offering.
Nu 15:14-16. The stranger is under the same law.
Nu 15:17-21. The law of the first of the dough for an heave offering.
Nu 15:22-29. The sacrifice for sins of ignorance.
Nu 15:30-31. The punishment of presumption.
Nu 15:32-36. He that violated the sabbath is stoned.
Nu 15:37-41. The law of fringes.

Numbers chapter 16

Nu 16:1-22. The rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram.
Nu 16:23-30. Moses separates the people from the rebels’ tents.
Nu 16:31-35. The earth swallows up Korah, and a fire consumes others.
Nu 16:36-40. The censers are reserved to holy use.
Nu 16:41-45. Fourteen thousand and seven hundred are slain by a plague, for murmuring against Moses and Aaron.
Nu 16:46-50. Aaron by incense stays the plague.

Numbers chapter 17

Nu 17:1-9. Aaron,s rod, among all the rods of the tribes, only flourishes.
Nu 17:10-13. It is left for a monument against the rebels.

Numbers chapter 18

Nu 18:1-7. The charge of the priests and Levites.
Nu 18:8-20. The priests’ portion.
Nu 18:21-24. The Levites’ portion.
Nu 18:25-32. The heave offering to the priests out of the Levites’ portion.

Numbers chapter 19

Nu 19:1-10. The water of separation made of the ashes of a red heifer.
Nu 19:11-22. The law for the use of it in purification of the unclean.

Numbers chapter 20

Nu 20:1. The children of Israel come to Zin, where Miriam dies.
Nu 20:2-6. They murmur for want of water.
Nu 20:7-13. Moses smiting the rock, brings forth water at Meribah.
Nu 20:14-21. Moses at Kadesh desires passage through Edom, which is denied him.
Nu 20:22-29. At mount Hor Aaron resigns his place to Eleazar, and dies.

Numbers chapter 21

Nu 21:1-3. Israel destroys the Canaanites at Hormah.
Nu 21:4-6. The people murmuring are plagued with fiery serpents.
Nu 21:7-9. They repenting are healed by a brazen serpent.
Nu 21:10-20. Sundry journeys of the Israelites.
Nu 21:21-32. Sihon is overcome,
Nu 21:33-35. and Og.

Numbers chapter 22

Nu 22:1-14. Balak’s first message for Balaam is refused.
Nu 22:15-21. His second message obtains him.
Nu 22:22-35. An angel would have slain him, if he had not been saved by his ass.
Nu 22:36-41. Balak entertains him.

Numbers chapter 23

Nu 23:1-6. Balak’s sacrifices.
Nu 23:7-12. Balaam’s parables.
Nu 23:13-17. Balak’s sacrifices.
Nu 23:18-24. Balaam’s parables.
Nu 23:25-30. Balak’s sacrifices.

Numbers chapter 24

Nu 24:1-9. Balaam, leaving divinations, prophesies the happiness of Israel.
Nu 24:10-14. Balak, in anger, dismisses him.
Nu 24:15-25. He prophesies of the Star of Jacob, and the destruction of some nations.

Numbers chapter 25

Nu 25:1-5. Israel at Shittim commit whoredom and idolatry.
Nu 25:6-9. Phinehas kills Zimri and Cozbi.
Nu 25:10-15. God therefore gives him an everlasting priesthood.
Nu 25:16-18. The Midianites are to be vexed.

Numbers chapter 26

Nu 26:1-51. The sum of all Israel is taken in the plains of Moab.
Nu 26:52-56. The law of dividing among them the inheritance of the land.
Nu 26:57-62. The families and number of the Levites.
Nu 26:63-65. None was left of them which were numbered at Sinai, but Caleb and Joshua.

Numbers chapter 27

Nu 27:1-5. The daughters of Zelophehad sue for an inheritance.
Nu 27:6-11. The law of inheritances.
Nu 27:12-17. Moses, being told of his death, sues for a successor.
Nu 27:18-23. Joshua is appointed to succeed him.

Numbers chapter 28

Nu 28:1-2. Offerings are to be observed.
Nu 28:3-8. The continual burnt offering.
Nu 28:9-10. The offering on the sabbath;
Nu 28:11-15. on the new moons;
Nu 28:16-25. at the passover;
Nu 28:26-31. in the day of the first-fruits.

Numbers chapter 29

Nu 29:1-6. The offering at the feast of trumpets;
Nu 29:7-11. at the day of afflicting their souls;
Nu 29:12-40. and on the eight days of the feast of tabernacles.

Numbers chapter 30

Nu 30:1-2. Vows are not to be broken.
Nu 30:3-5. The exceptions of a maid’s vows;
Nu 30:6-8. of a wife’s;
Nu 30:9-16. of a widow’s; or her that is divorced.

Numbers chapter 31

Nu 31:1-12. The Midianites are spoiled, and Balaam slain.
Nu 31:13-18. Moses is wroth with the officers, for saving the women alive.
Nu 31:19-24. How the soldiers, with their captives and spoil, are to be purified.
Nu 31:25-47. The proportion in which the prey is to be divided.
Nu 31:48-54. The voluntary oblation unto the treasury of the Lord.

Numbers chapter 32

Nu 32:1-5. The Reubenites and Gadites sue for their inheritance on the east side of Jordan.
Nu 32:6-15. Moses reproves them.
Nu 32:16-32. They offer him conditions with which he is content.
Nu 32:33-38. Moses assigns them the land.
Nu 32:39-42. They conquer it.

Numbers chapter 33

Nu 33:1-49. The two and forty journeys of the Israelites.
Nu 33:50-56. The Canaanites are to be destroyed.

Numbers chapter 34

Nu 34:1-15. The borders of the land.
Nu 34:16-29. The names of the men who shall divide the land.

Numbers chapter 35

Nu 35:1-5. Eight and forty cities for the Levites, with their suburbs, and measure thereof.
Nu 35:6-8. Six of them are to be cities of refuge.
Nu 35:9-30. The laws of murder and manslaughter.
Nu 35:31-34. No satisfaction for murder.

Numbers chapter 36

Nu 36:1-6. The inconvenience of the inheritance of daughters is remedied by marrying in their own tribes,
Nu 36:7-9. lest the inheritance should be removed from the tribe.
Nu 36:10-13. The daughters of Zelophehad marry their father’s brothers’ sons.