Nehemiah chapter 1

Ne 1:1-4. Nehemiah, understanding by Hanani the misery of Jerusalem, mourns, fasts, and prays.
Ne 1:5-11. His prayer.

Nehemiah chapter 2

Ne 2:1-8. Artaxerxes, understanding the cause of Nehemiah’s sadness, sends him with letters and commission to Jerusalem.
Ne 2:9-11. Nehemiah, to the grief of the enemies, comes to Jerusalem.
Ne 2:12-16. He views secretly the ruins of the walls.
Ne 2:17-20. He incites the Jews to build.

Nehemiah chapter 3

Ne 3:1-32. The names and order of them that built the wall.

Nehemiah chapter 4

Ne 4:1-6. While the enemies scoff, Nehemiah prays and continues the work.
Ne 4:7-12. Understanding the wrath and secrets of the enemy, he sets a watch.
Ne 4:13-18. He arms the labourers;
Ne 4:19-23. and gives military precepts.

Nehemiah chapter 5

Ne 5:1-5. The Jews complain of their debt, mortgage, and bondage.
Ne 5:6-13. Nehemiah rebukes the usurers, and causes them to make a covenant of restitution.
Ne 5:14-19. He forbears his own allowance, and keeps hospitality.

Nehemiah chapter 6

Ne 6:1-14. Sanballat practises by craft, by rumours, and by hired prophecies, to terrify Nehemiah.
Ne 6:15-16. The work is finished, to the terror of the enemies.
Ne 6:17-19. Secret intelligence passes between the enemies and the nobles of Judah.

Nehemiah chapter 7

Ne 7:1-4. Nehemiah commits the charge of Jerusalem to Hanani and Hananiah.
Ne 7:5-8. A register of the genealogy of them which came at the first out of Babylon;
Ne 7:9-38. of the people;
Ne 7:39-42. of the priests;
Ne 7:43-45. of the Levites;
Ne 7:46-56. of the Nethinims;
Ne 7:57-62. of Solomon’s servants;
Ne 7:63-65. and of the priests which could not find their pedigree;
Ne 7:66-69. The whole number of them, with their substance.
Ne 7:70-73. Their oblations.

Nehemiah chapter 8

Ne 8:1-8. The religious manner of reading and hearing the law.
Ne 8:9-12. They comfort the people.
Ne 8:13-15. The forwardness of them to hear and be instructed.
Ne 8:16-18. They keep the feast of tabernacles.

Nehemiah chapter 9

Ne 9:1-3. A solemn fast, and repentance of the people.
Ne 9:4-38. The Levites make a religious confession of God’s goodness, and their wickedness.

Nehemiah chapter 10

Ne 10:1-28. The names of them that sealed the covenant.
Ne 10:29-39. The points of the covenant.

Nehemiah chapter 11

Ne 11:1-2. The rulers, voluntary men, and the tenth man chosen by lot, dwell at Jerusalem.
Ne 11:3-19. A catalogue of their names.
Ne 11:20-36. The residue dwell in other cities.

Nehemiah chapter 12

Ne 12:1-9. The priests and the Levites which came up with Zerubbabel.
Ne 12:10-21. The succession of high priests.
Ne 12:22-26. Certain chief Levites.
Ne 12:27-43. The solemnity of the dedication of the walls.
Ne 12:44-47. The offices of priests and Levites appointed in the temple.

Nehemiah chapter 13

Ne 13:1-3. Upon the reading of the law, separation is made from the mixed multitude.
Ne 13:4-9. Nehemiah, at his return, causes the chambers to be cleansed.
Ne 13:10-14. He reforms the offices in the house of God;
Ne 13:15-22. the violation of the sabbath;
Ne 13:23-31. and the marriages with the strange wives.