Leviticus chapter 1

Le 1:1-2. The law of burnt offerings;
Le 1:3-9. of the herd;
Le 1:10-13. of the flocks;
Le 1:14-17. of the fowls.

Leviticus chapter 2

Le 2:1-3. The meat offering of flour with oil and incense,
Le 2:4. either baked in the oven,
Le 2:5-6. or on a plate,
Le 2:7-11. or in a frying-pan.
Le 2:12. The first fruits not to be burnt on the altar.
Le 2:13. Salt to be used with every offering.
Le 2:14-16. The offering of first fruits in the ear.

Leviticus chapter 3

Le 3:1-5. The peace offering of the herd;
Le 3:6. of the flock;
Le 3:7-11. whether a lamb,
Le 3:12-16. or a goat.
Le 3:17. A prohibition to eat fat or blood.

Leviticus chapter 4

Le 4:1-2. The sin offering of ignorance;
Le 4:3-12. for the priest;
Le 4:13-21. for the congregation;
Le 4:22-26. for the ruler;
Le 4:27-35. for any of the people;

Leviticus chapter 5

Le 5:1. He that sins in concealing his knowledge;
Le 5:2-3. in touching an unclean thing;
Le 5:4-5. or in making an oath.
Le 5:6. His trespass offering, of the flock;
Le 5:7-10. of fowls;
Le 5:11-13. or of flour.
Le 5:14-16. The trespass offering in sacrilege;
Le 5:17-19. and in sins of ignorance.

Leviticus chapter 6

Le 6:1-7. The trespass offering for sins done wittingly.
Le 6:8-13. The law of the burnt offering;
Le 6:14-18. and of the meat offering.
Le 6:19-23. The offering at the consecration of a priest.
Le 6:24-30. The law of the sin offering.

Leviticus chapter 7

Le 7:1-10. The law of the trespass offering;
Le 7:11. and of the peace offering;
Le 7:12-15. whether it be for a thanksgiving;
Le 7:16-21. or a vow, or a free will offering.
Le 7:22-27. The fat and the blood are forbidden.
Le 7:28-34. The priests’ portion in the peace offerings.
Le 7:35-38. The whole summed up.

Leviticus chapter 8

Le 8:1-13. Moses consecrates Aaron and his sons.
Le 8:14-17. Their sin offering.
Le 8:18-21. Their burnt offering.
Le 8:22-30. The ram of consecration.
Le 8:31-36. The place and time of their consecration.

Leviticus chapter 9

Le 9:1-7. The first offerings of Aaron, for himself and the people.
Le 9:8-11. The sin offering,
Le 9:12-14. and the burnt offering for himself.
Le 9:15-22. The offerings for the people.
Le 9:23. Moses and Aaron bless the people.
Le 9:24. Fire comes from the Lord, upon the altar.

Leviticus chapter 10

Le 10:1-5. Nadab and Abihu, for offering strange fire, are burnt by fire.
Le 10:6-7. Aaron and his sons are forbidden to mourn for them.
Le 10:8-11. The priests are forbidden wine when they are to go into the tabernacle.
Le 10:12-15. The law of eating the holy things.
Le 10:16-20. Aaron’s excuse for transgressing thereof.

Leviticus chapter 11

Le 11:1-3. What beasts may;
Le 11:4-8. and what may not be eaten.
Le 11:9-12. What fishes.
Le 11:13-28. What fowls.
Le 11:29-47. The creeping things which are unclean.

Leviticus chapter 12

Le 12:1-5. The purification of a woman after childbirth.
Le 12:6-8. Her offerings for her purifying.

Leviticus chapter 13

Le 13:1-59. The laws and tokens whereby the priest is to be guided in discerning the leprosy.

Leviticus chapter 14

Le 14:1-32. The rites and sacrifices in cleansing the leper.
Le 14:33-47. The signs of leprosy in a house.
Le 14:48-57. The cleansing of that house.

Leviticus chapter 15

Le 15:1-12. The uncleanness of men in their issues.
Le 15:13-18. The cleansing of them.
Le 15:19-27. The uncleanness of women in their issues.
Le 15:28-33. Their cleansing.

Leviticus chapter 16

Le 16:1-10. How the high priest must enter into the holy place.
Le 16:11-14. The sin offering for himself.
Le 16:15-19. The sin offering for the people.
Le 16:20-28. The scape-goat.
Le 16:29-34. The yearly feast of the expiations.

Leviticus chapter 17

Le 17:1-6. The blood of all slain beasts must be offered to the Lord at the door of the tabernacle.
Le 17:7-9. They must not offer to devils.
Le 17:10-14. All eating of blood is forbidden;
Le 17:15-16. and of all that dies by itself, or is torn.

Leviticus chapter 18

Le 18:1-30. Unlawful marriages, and unlawful lusts.

Leviticus chapter 19

Le 19:1-37. A repetition of sundry laws.

Leviticus chapter 20

Le 20:1-3. Of him that gives of his seed to Moloch.
Le 20:4-5. Of him that favours such an one.
Le 20:6. Of going to wizards.
Le 20:7-8. Of sanctification.
Le 20:9. Of him that curses his parents.
Le 20:10. Of adultery.
Le 20:11-12. Of incest.
Le 20:13-14. Of sodomy.
Le 20:15-17. Of bestiality.
Le 20:18-21. Of uncleanness.
Le 20:22-26. Obedience is required with holiness.
Le 20:27. Wizards must be put to death.

Leviticus chapter 21

Le 21:1-5. Of the priests’ mourning.
Le 21:6. Of their holiness.
Le 21:7. Of their marriages.
Le 21:8. Of their estimation.
Le 21:9. Of the priest’s daughter convicted of whoredom.
Le 21:10-12. Of the high priest’s holiness.
Le 21:13-15. Of his marriage.
Le 21:16-24. The priests that have blemishes must not minister in the sanctuary.

Leviticus chapter 22

Le 22:1-5. The priests in their uncleanness must abstain from the holy things.
Le 22:6-9. How they shall be cleansed.
Le 22:10-16. Who of the priest’s house may eat of the holy things.
Le 22:17-25. The sacrifices must be without blemish.
Le 22:26-28. The age of the sacrifice.
Le 22:29-33. The law of eating the sacrifice of thanksgiving.

Leviticus chapter 23

Le 23:1-2. The feasts of the Lord.
Le 23:3. The sabbath.
Le 23:4-8. The passover.
Le 23:9-14. The sheaf of first-fruits.
Le 23:15-21. The feast of Pentecost.
Le 23:22. Gleanings to be left for the poor.
Le 23:23-25. The feast of trumpets.
Le 23:26-32. The day of atonement.
Le 23:33-44. The feast of tabernacles.

Leviticus chapter 24

Le 24:1-4. The oil for the lamps.
Le 24:5-9. The shew-bread.
Le 24:10-12. Shelomith’s son blasphemeth.
Le 24:13-16. The law of blasphemy.
Le 24:17. Of murder.
Le 24:18-22. Of damage.
Le 24:23. The blasphemer is stoned.

Leviticus chapter 25

Le 25:1-7. The sabbath of the seventh year.
Le 25:8-13. The jubilee in the fiftieth year.
Le 25:14-17. Of oppression.
Le 25:18-22. A blessing of obedience.
Le 25:23-28. The redemption of land.
Le 25:29-34. Of houses.
Le 25:35-38. Compassion to the poor.
Le 25:39-46. The usage of bondmen.
Le 25:47-55. The redemption of servants.

Leviticus chapter 26

Le 26:1. Of idolatry.
Le 26:2. Religiousness.
Le 26:3-13. A blessing to them that keep the commandments.
Le 26:14-39. A curse to those that break them.
Le 26:40-46. God promises to remember them that repent.

Leviticus chapter 27

Le 27:1-2. He that makes a singular vow must be the Lord’s.
Le 27:3-8. The estimation of the person;
Le 27:9-13. of a beast given by vow;
Le 27:14-15. of a house;
Le 27:16-27. of a field, and the redemption thereof.
Le 27:28-29. No devoted thing may be redeemed.
Le 27:30-34. The tithe may not be changed.