Lamentations chapter 1

La 1:1-11. The miseries of Jerusalem and of the Jews pathetically lamented, with confessions of their sins.
La 1:12-17. The attention and compassion of beholders demanded to this unprecedented case.
La 1:18-22. The justice of God acknowledged, and his mercy supplicated, with prayers against insulting foes.

Lamentations chapter 2

La 2:1-19. Jeremiah laments the misery of Jerusalem.
La 2:20-22. He complains thereof to God.

Lamentations chapter 3

La 3:1-21. The prophet bewails his own calamities.
La 3:22-36. By the mercies of God, he nourishes his hope.
La 3:37-54. He acknowledges God’s justice.
La 3:55-63. He prays for deliverance,
La 3:64-66. and vengeance on his enemies.

Lamentations chapter 4

La 4:1-12. Zion bewails her pitiful estate.
La 4:13-20. She confesses her sins.
La 4:21-22. Edom is threatened and Zion comforted.

Lamentations chapter 5

La 5:1-22. A pitiful complaint of Zion in prayer unto God.