Joel chapter 1

Joe 1:1-7. Joel, declaring sundry judgments of God, exhorts to observe them,
Joe 1:8-13. and to mourn.
Joe 1:14-20. He prescribes a solemn fast to deprecate those judgments.

Joel chapter 2

Joe 2:1-11. He shews unto Zion the terribleness of God’s judgment.
Joe 2:12-14. He exhorts to repentance;
Joe 2:15-17. prescribes a fast;
Joe 2:18-20. promises a blessing thereon.
Joe 2:21-27. He comforts Zion with present,
Joe 2:28-32. and future blessings.

Joel chapter 3

Joe 3:1-8. God’s judgments against the enemies of his people.
Joe 3:9-17. God will be known in his judgment.
Joe 3:18-21. His blessing upon the church.