Jeremiah chapter 1

Jer 1:1-3. The time,
Jer 1:4-10. and the calling of Jeremiah.
Jer 1:11-14. His prophetical visions of an almond rod and a seething pot.
Jer 1:15-16. His heavy message against Judah.
Jer 1:17-19. God encourages him with his promise of assistance.

Jeremiah chapter 2

Jer 2:1-13. God having shewed his former kindness, expostulates with the Jews on their causeless and unexampled revolt.
Jer 2:14-17. They are the causes of their own calamities.
Jer 2:18-34. The sins and idolatries of Judah.
Jer 2:35-37. Her confidence is rejected.

Jeremiah chapter 3

Jer 3:1-5. God’s great mercy in Judah’s vile whoredom.
Jer 3:6-11. Judah is worse than Israel.
Jer 3:12-19. The promises of the gospel to the penitent.
Jer 3:20-25. Israel reproved, and called by God, makes a solemn confession of their sins.

Jeremiah chapter 4

Jer 4:1-2. God calls Israel by his promise.
Jer 4:3-18. He exhorts Judah to repentance by fearful judgments.
Jer 4:19-31. A grievous lamentation for Judah.

Jeremiah chapter 5

Jer 5:1-6. The judgments of God upon the Jews, for their perverseness;
Jer 5:7-9. for their adultery;
Jer 5:10-14. for their impiety;
Jer 5:15-18. for their worship of idols;
Jer 5:19-24. for their contempt of God;
Jer 5:25-29. and for their great corruption in the civil state;
Jer 5:30-31. and ecclesiastical.

Jeremiah chapter 6

Jer 6:1-3. The enemies sent against Judah,
Jer 6:4-5. encourage themselves.
Jer 6:6-8. God sets them on work because of their sins.
Jer 6:9-17. The prophet laments the judgments of God because of their sins.
Jer 6:18-25. He proclaims God’s wrath.
Jer 6:26-30. He calls the people to mourn for the judgment on their sins.

Jeremiah chapter 7

Jer 7:1-7. Jeremiah is sent to call to true repentance, to prevent the Jews’ captivity.
Jer 7:8-11. He rejects their vain confidence,
Jer 7:12-16. by the example of Shiloh.
Jer 7:17-20. He threatens them for their idolatry.
Jer 7:21-28. He rejects the sacrifices of the disobedient.
Jer 7:29-31. He exhorts to mourn for their abominations in Tophet;
Jer 7:32-34. and the judgments for the same.

Jeremiah chapter 8

Jer 8:1-3. The calamity of the Jews, both dead and alive.
Jer 8:4-12. He upbraids their foolish and shameless impenitency.
Jer 8:13-17. He shews their grievous judgment;
Jer 8:18-22. and bewails their desperate estate.

Jeremiah chapter 9

Jer 9:1-8. Jeremiah laments the Jews for their manifold sins;
Jer 9:9-11. and for their judgment.
Jer 9:12-16. Disobedience is the cause of their bitter calamity.
Jer 9:17-22. He exhorts to mourn for their destruction;
Jer 9:23-24. and to trust not in themselves, but in God.
Jer 9:25-26. He threatens both Jews and Gentiles.

Jeremiah chapter 10

Jer 10:1-16. The unequal comparison of God and idols.
Jer 10:17-18. The prophet exhorts to flee from the calamity to come.
Jer 10:19-22. He laments the spoil of the tabernacle by foolish pastors.
Jer 10:23-25. He makes an humble supplication.

Jeremiah chapter 11

Jer 11:1-7. Jeremiah proclaims God’s covenant;
Jer 11:8-10. rebukes the Jews’ disobeying thereof;
Jer 11:11-17. prophesies evils to come upon them;
Jer 11:18-23. and upon the men of Anathoth, for conspiring to kill him.

Jeremiah chapter 12

Jer 12:1-4. Jeremiah, complaining of the wicked’s prosperity, by faith sees their ruin.
Jer 12:5-6. God admonishes him of his brethren’s treachery against him;
Jer 12:7-13. and laments his heritage.
Jer 12:14-17. He promises to the penitent return from captivity.

Jeremiah chapter 13

Jer 13:1-11. By the type of a linen girdle, hidden at Euphrates, God prefigures the destruction of his people.
Jer 13:12-14. Under the parable of the bottles filled with wine he foretells their drunkenness in misery.
Jer 13:15-21. He exhorts to prevent their future judgments.
Jer 13:22-27. He shews their abominations are the cause thereof.

Jeremiah chapter 14

Jer 14:1-6. The grievous famine,
Jer 14:7-9. causes Jeremiah to pray.
Jer 14:10-12. The Lord will not be intreated for the people.
Jer 14:13-16. Lying prophets are no excuse for them.
Jer 14:17-22. Jeremiah is moved to complain for them.

Jeremiah chapter 15

Jer 15:1-9. The utter rejection and manifold judgments of the Jews.
Jer 15:10-11. Jeremiah, complaining of their spite, receives a promise for himself;
Jer 15:12-14. and a threatening for them.
Jer 15:15-18. He prays;
Jer 15:19-21. and receives a gracious promise.

Jeremiah chapter 16

Jer 16:1-9. The prophet, under the types of abstaining from marriage, from houses of mourning and feasting, foreshews the utter ruin of the Jews;
Jer 16:10-13. because they were worse than their fathers.
Jer 16:14-15. Their return from captivity shall be stranger than their deliverance out of Egypt.
Jer 16:16-21. God will doubly recompense their idolatry.

Jeremiah chapter 17

Jer 17:1-4. The captivity of Judah for her sin.
Jer 17:5-6. Trust in man is cursed;
Jer 17:7-8. in God is blessed.
Jer 17:9-11. The deceitful heart cannot deceive God.
Jer 17:12-14. The salvation of God.
Jer 17:15-18. The prophet complains of the mockers of his prophecy.
Jer 17:19-27. He is sent to renew the covenant in hallowing the sabbath.

Jeremiah chapter 18

Jer 18:1-10. Under the type of a potter is shewn God’s absolute power in disposing of nations.
Jer 18:11-17. Judgments threatened to Judah for her strange revolt.
Jer 18:18-23. Jeremiah prays against his conspirators.

Jeremiah chapter 19

Jer 19:1-15. Under the type of breaking a potter’s vessel, is foreshewn the desolation of the Jews for their sins.

Jeremiah chapter 20

Jer 20:1-6. Pashur, smiting Jeremiah, receives a new name, and a fearful doom.
Jer 20:7-9. Jeremiah complains of contempt;
Jer 20:10-13. of treachery;
Jer 20:14-18. and of his birth.

Jeremiah chapter 21

Jer 21:1-2. Zedekiah sends to Jeremiah to inquire the event of Nebuchadnezzar’s war.
Jer 21:3-7. Jeremiah foretells a hard seige and miserable captivity.
Jer 21:8-10. He counsels the people to fall to the Chaldeans;
Jer 21:11-14. and upbraids the King’s house.

Jeremiah chapter 22

Jer 22:1-9. He exhorts to repentance, with promises and threats.
Jer 22:10-12. The judgment of Shallum;
Jer 22:13-19. of Jehoiakim;
Jer 22:20-30. and of Coniah.

Jeremiah chapter 23

Jer 23:1-4. He prophesies a restoration of the scattered flock.
Jer 23:5-8. Christ shall rule and save them.
Jer 23:9-32. Against false prophets;
Jer 23:33-40. and mockers of the true prophets.

Jeremiah chapter 24

Jer 24:1-3. Under the type of good and bad figs,
Jer 24:4-7. he foreshews the restoration of them that were in captivity;
Jer 24:8-10. and the desolation of Zedekiah and the rest.

Jeremiah chapter 25

Jer 25:1-7. Jeremiah, reproving the Jews’ disobedience to the prophets,
Jer 25:8-11. foretells the seventy years’ captivity;
Jer 25:12-14. and after that, the destruction of Babylon.
Jer 25:15-33. Under the type of a cup of wine he foreshews the destruction of all nations.
Jer 25:34-38. The howling of the shepherds.

Jeremiah chapter 26

Jer 26:1-7. Jeremiah by promises and threatenings exhorts to repentance.
Jer 26:8-9. He is therefore apprehended,
Jer 26:10-11. and arraigned.
Jer 26:12-15. His apology.
Jer 26:16-19. He is quit in judgment, by the example of Micah,
Jer 26:20-23. and of Urijah,
Jer 26:24. and by the care of Ahikam.

Jeremiah chapter 27

Jer 27:1-7. Under the type of bonds and yokes he prophesies the subduing of the neighbour kings unto Nebuchadnezzar.
Jer 27:8-11. He exhorts them to yield, and not to believe the false prophets.
Jer 27:12-18. The like he does to Zedekiah.
Jer 27:19-22. He foretells the remnant of the vessels shall be carried to Babylon, and there continue until the day of visitation.

Jeremiah chapter 28

Jer 28:1-4. Hananiah prophesies falsely the return of the vessels, and of Jeconiah.
Jer 28:5-9. Jeremiah, wishing it to be true, shews that the event will declare the true prophets.
Jer 28:10-11. Hananiah breaks Jeremiah’s yoke.
Jer 28:12-14. Jeremiah tells of an iron yoke;
Jer 28:15-17. and foretells Hananiah’s death.

Jeremiah chapter 29

Jer 29:1-7. Jeremiah sends a letter to the captives in Babylon to be quiet there,
Jer 29:8-9. and not to believe the dreams of their prophets;
Jer 29:10-14. and that they shall return with grace after seventy years.
Jer 29:15-19. He foretells the destruction of the rest for their disobedience.
Jer 29:20-23. He shews the fearful end of Ahab and Zedekiah, two lying prophets.
Jer 29:24-29. Shemaiah writes a letter against Jeremiah.
Jer 29:30-32. Jeremiah foretells his doom.

Jeremiah chapter 30

Jer 30:1-3. God shews Jeremiah the return of the Jews.
Jer 30:4-9. After their trouble they shall have deliverance.
Jer 30:10-17. He comforts Jacob.
Jer 30:18-22. Their return shall be gracious.
Jer 30:23-24. Wrath shall fall on the wicked.

Jeremiah chapter 31

Jer 31:1-9. The restoration of Israel.
Jer 31:10-14. The publication thereof.
Jer 31:15-17. Rahel mourning is comforted.
Jer 31:18-21. Ephraim repenting is brought home again.
Jer 31:22-26. Christ is promised.
Jer 31:27-30. His care over the church.
Jer 31:31-34. His new covenant.
Jer 31:35-37. The stability,
Jer 31:38-40. and amplitude of the church.

Jeremiah chapter 32

Jer 32:1-5. Jeremiah, being imprisoned by Zedekiah for his prophecy,
Jer 32:6-12. buys Hanameel’s field.
Jer 32:13-15. Baruch must preserve the evidences, as tokens of the people’s return.
Jer 32:16-25. Jeremiah in his prayer complains to God.
Jer 32:26-35. God confirms the captivity for their sins;
Jer 32:36-44. and promises a gracious return.

Jeremiah chapter 33

Jer 33:1-8. God promises to the captivity a gracious return;
Jer 33:9-11. a joyful state;
Jer 33:12-14. a settled government;
Jer 33:15-16. Christ the branch of righteousness;
Jer 33:17-18. a continuance of kingdom and priesthood;
Jer 33:19-26. and a stability of a blessed seed.

Jeremiah chapter 34

Jer 34:1-7. Jeremiah prophesies the captivity of Zedekiah and the city.
Jer 34:8-11. The princes and the people having dismissed their bond-servants, contrary to the covenant of God, re-assume them.
Jer 34:12-22. Jeremiah, for their disobedience, gives them and Zedekiah into the hands of their enemies.

Jeremiah chapter 35

Jer 35:1-11. By the obedience of the Rechabites,
Jer 35:12-17. Jeremiah condemns the disobedience of the Jews.
Jer 35:18-19. God blesses the Rechabites for their obedience.

Jeremiah chapter 36

Jer 36:1-4. Jeremiah causes Baruch to write his prophesy,
Jer 36:5-10. and publicly to read it.
Jer 36:11-18. The princes, having intelligence thereof by Michaiah, send Jehudi to fetch the roll and read it.
Jer 36:19. They will Baruch to hide himself and Jeremiah.
Jer 36:20-26. The king, Jehoiakim, being certified thereof, hears part of it, and burns the roll.
Jer 36:27-31. Jeremiah denounces his judgment.
Jer 36:32. Baruch writes a new copy.

Jeremiah chapter 37

Jer 37:1-5. The Egyptians having raised the seige of the Chaldeans, king Zedekiah sends to Jeremiah to pray for the people.
Jer 37:6-10. Jeremiah prophesies the Chaldeans’ certain return and victory.
Jer 37:11-15. He is taken for a fugitive, beaten, and put in prison.
Jer 37:16-17. He assures Zedekiah of the captivity.
Jer 37:18-21. Intreating for his liberty, he obtains some favour.

Jeremiah chapter 38

Jer 38:1-6. Jeremiah, by a false suggestion, is put into the dungeon of Malchiah.
Jer 38:7-13. Edeb-melech, by suit, gets him some enlargement.
Jer 38:14-23. Upon secret conference, he counsels the king by yielding to save his life.
Jer 38:24-28. By the king’s instructions he conceals the conference from the princes.

Jeremiah chapter 39

Jer 39:1-3. Jerusalem is taken.
Jer 39:4-7. Zedekiah is made blind and sent to Babylon.
Jer 39:8. The city laid in ruins,
Jer 39:9-10. and the people captivated.
Jer 39:11-14. Nebuchadrezzar’s charge for the good usage of Jeremiah.
Jer 39:15-18. God’s promise to Ebed-melech.

Jeremiah chapter 40

Jer 40:1-6. Jeremiah, being set free by Nebuzar-adan, goes to Gedaliah.
Jer 40:7-12. The dispersed Jews repair unto him.
Jer 40:13-16. Johanan revealing Ishmael’s conspiracy is not believed.

Jeremiah chapter 41

Jer 41:1-10. Ishmael, treacherously killing Gedaliah and others, purposes with the residue to flee unto the Ammonites.
Jer 41:11-18. Johanan recovers the captives, and is minded to flee into Egypt.

Jeremiah chapter 42

Jer 42:1-6. Johanan desires Jeremiah to inquire of God, promising obedience to his will.
Jer 42:7-12. Jeremiah assures him of safety in Judea;
Jer 42:13-18. and destruction in Egypt.
Jer 42:19-22. He reproves their hypocrisy, in enquiring of the Lord that which they mean not to follow.

Jeremiah chapter 43

Jer 43:1-7. Johanan, discrediting Jeremiah’s prophecy, carries him and the rest into Egypt.
Jer 43:8-13. Jeremiah prophesies by a type the conquest of Egypt by the Babylonians.

Jeremiah chapter 44

Jer 44:1-10. Jeremiah expresses the desolation of Judah for their idolatry.
Jer 44:11-14. He prophesies their destruction, who commit idolatry in Egypt.
Jer 44:15-19. The obstinacy of the Jews;
Jer 44:20-28. for which Jeremiah threatens them;
Jer 44:29-30. and for a sign prophesies the destruction of Egypt.

Jeremiah chapter 45

Jer 45:1-3. Baruch being dismayed,
Jer 45:4-5. Jeremiah instructs and comforts him.

Jeremiah chapter 46

Jer 46:1-12. Jeremiah prophesies the overthrow of Pharaoh’s army at Euphrates,
Jer 46:13-26. and the conquest of Egypt by Nebuchadrezzar.
Jer 46:27-28. He comforts Jacob in his chastisement.

Jeremiah chapter 47

Jer 47:1-7. The destruction of the Philistines.

Jeremiah chapter 48

Jer 48:1-6. The judgment of Moab,
Jer 48:7-10. for their pride;
Jer 48:11-13. for their security;
Jer 48:14-25. for their carnal confidence;
Jer 48:26-46. and for their contempt of God and his people.
Jer 48:47. The restoration of Moab.

Jeremiah chapter 49

Jer 49:1-5. The judgment of the Ammonites.
Jer 49:6. Their restoration.
Jer 49:7-22. The judgment of Edom;
Jer 49:23-27. of Damascus;
Jer 49:28-29. of Kedar;
Jer 49:30-33. of Hazor;
Jer 49:34-38. and of Elam.
Jer 49:39. The restoration of Elam.

Jeremiah chapter 50

Jer 50:1-46. The judgment of Babylon and the redemption of Israel.

Jeremiah chapter 51

Jer 51:1-58. The severe judgment of God against Babylon, in revenge of Israel.
Jer 51:59-64. Jeremiah delivers the book of this prophecy to Seraiah, to be cast into Euphrates, in token of the perpetual sinking of Babylon.

Jeremiah chapter 52

Jer 52:1-3. Zedekiah rebels.
Jer 52:4-7. Jerusalem is besieged and taken.
Jer 52:8-11. Zedekiah’s sons killed, and his own eyes put out.
Jer 52:12-23. Nebuzar-adan burns and spoils the city.
Jer 52:24-27. He carries away the captives.
Jer 52:28-30. The number of Jews carried captive.
Jer 52:31-34. Evil-merodach advances Jehoiachin.