James chapter 1

Jas 1:1-4. We are to rejoice under the cross;
Jas 1:5-12. to ask patience of God;
Jas 1:13-18. and in our trials not to impute our weakness, or sins, to him,
Jas 1:19-25. but rather to hearken to the word, to meditate on it, and to do thereafter.
Jas 1:26-27. Otherwise men may seem, but never be, truly religious.

James chapter 2

Jas 2:1-12. It is not agreeable to Christian profession to regard the rich, and to despise the poor brethren;
Jas 2:13. rather we are to be loving and merciful;
Jas 2:14-16. and not to boast of faith where no deeds are;
Jas 2:17-18. which is but a dead faith;
Jas 2:19-20. the faith of the devils;
Jas 2:21-24. not of Abraham;
Jas 2:25-26. nor Rahab.

James chapter 3

Jas 3:1-4. We are not rashly or arrogantly to reprove others;
Jas 3:5-12. but rather to bridle the tongue, a little member, but a powerful instrument of much good, and great harm.
Jas 3:13-18. They who are truly wise are mild and peaceable without envying and strife.

James chapter 4

Jas 4:1-3. We are to strive against covetousness;
Jas 4:4. intemperance;
Jas 4:5-10. pride;
Jas 4:11-12. detraction and rash judgment of others;
Jas 4:13-17. and not to be confident in the good success of worldly business, but mindful ever of the uncertainty of this life, to commit ourselves and all our affairs to God’s providence.

James chapter 5

Jas 5:1-6. Wicked rich men are to fear God’s vengeance.
Jas 5:7-11. We ought to be patient in afflictions, after the example of the prophets, and Job;
Jas 5:12. to forbear swearing;
Jas 5:13. to pray in adversity, to sing in prosperity;
Jas 5:14-18. to acknowledge mutually our several faults, to pray one for another;
Jas 5:19-20. and to reduce a straying brother to the truth.