Isaiah chapter 1

Isa 1:1-4. Isaiah complains of Judah for her rebellion.
Isa 1:5-9. He laments her judgments.
Isa 1:10-15. He upbraids their whole service.
Isa 1:16-20. He exhorts to repentance, with promises and threatenings.
Isa 1:21-24. Bewailing their wickedness, he denounces God’s judgments.
Isa 1:25-27. He promises grace;
Isa 1:28-31. and threatens destruction to the wicked.

Isaiah chapter 2

Isa 2:1-5. Isaiah prophesies the coming of Christ’s kingdom.
Isa 2:6-9. Wickedness is the cause of God’s forsaking.
Isa 2:10-22. He exhorts to fear, because of the powerful effects of God’s majesty.

Isaiah chapter 3

Isa 3:1-9. The great calamities which come by sin.
Isa 3:10-11. The different reward of the righteous and wicked.
Isa 3:12-15. The oppression and covetousness of the rulers.
Isa 3:16-24. The judgments which shall be for the pride of the women.
Isa 3:25-26. The general desolation.

Isaiah chapter 4

Isa 4:1-6. In the extremity of evils, Christ’s kingdom shall be a sanctuary.

Isaiah chapter 5

Isa 5:1-7. Under the parable of a vineyard, God excuses his severe judgment.
Isa 5:8-10. His judgments upon covetousness;
Isa 5:11-12. upon lasciviousness;
Isa 5:13-19. upon impiety;
Isa 5:20-25. and upon injustice.
Isa 5:26-30. The executioners of God’s judgments.

Isaiah chapter 6

Isa 6:1-4. Isaiah, in a vision of the Lord in his glory,
Isa 6:5-7. being terrified, has apprehensions removed.
Isa 6:8-12. He offers himself, and is sent to shew the obstinacy of the people unto their desolation.
Isa 6:13. A remnant shall be saved.

Isaiah chapter 7

Isa 7:1-9. Ahaz, being troubled with fear of Rezin and Pekah, is comforted by Isaiah.
Isa 7:10-16. Ahaz, having liberty to choose a sign, and refusing it, hath for a sign, Christ promised.
Isa 7:17-25. His judgment is prophesied to come by Assyria.

Isaiah chapter 8

Isa 8:1-4. In Maher-shalal-hash-baz, he prophesies that Syria and Israel shall be subdued by Assyria.
Isa 8:5-8. Judah likewise for their infidelity.
Isa 8:9-10. God’s judgments shall be irresistible.
Isa 8:11-18. Comfort shall be to them that fear God.
Isa 8:19-22. Great afflictions to idolaters.

Isaiah chapter 9

Isa 9:1-7. What joy shall be in the midst of afflictions, by the birth and kingdom of Christ.
Isa 9:8-12. The judgments upon Israel for their pride,
Isa 9:13-17. for their hypocrisy,
Isa 9:18-21. and for their impenitency.

Isaiah chapter 10

Isa 10:1-4. The woe of tyrants.
Isa 10:5-19. Assyria, the rod of hypocrites, for his pride shall be broken.
Isa 10:20-23. A remnant of Israel shall be saved.
Isa 10:24-34. Judah is comforted with promise of deliverance from Assyria.

Isaiah chapter 11

Isa 11:1-9. The peaceable kingdom of the Branch out of the root of Jesse.
Isa 11:10-16. The victorious restoration of Israel, and vocation of the Gentiles.

Isaiah chapter 12

Isa 12:1-6. A joyful thanksgiving of the faithful for the mercies of God.

Isaiah chapter 13

Isa 13:1-5. God musters the armies of his wrath.
Isa 13:6-18. He threatens to destroy Babylon by the Medes.
Isa 13:19-22. The desolation of Babylon.

Isaiah chapter 14

Isa 14:1-2. God’s merciful restoration of Israel.
Isa 14:3-23. Their triumphant exultation over Babel.
Isa 14:24-28. God’s purpose against Assyria.
Isa 14:29-32. Palestina is threatened.

Isaiah chapter 15

Isa 15:1-9. The lamentable state of Moab.

Isaiah chapter 16

Isa 16:1-5. Moab is exhorted to yield obedience to the throne of David.
Isa 16:6-8. Moab is threatened for her pride.
Isa 16:9-11. The prophet bewails her.
Isa 16:12-14. The judgment of Moab.

Isaiah chapter 17

Isa 17:1-5. Syria and Israel are threatened.
Isa 17:6-8. A remnant shall forsake idolatry.
Isa 17:9-11. The rest shall be plagued for their impiety.
Isa 17:12-14. The woe of Israel’s enemies.

Isaiah chapter 18

Isa 18:1-6. God, in care of his people, will destroy the Ethiopians.
Isa 18:7. An accession thereby shall be made to the church.

Isaiah chapter 19

Isa 19:1-10. The confusion of Egypt.
Isa 19:11-17. The foolishness of their princes.
Isa 19:18-22. The calling of Egypt into the church.
Isa 19:23-25. The covenant of Egypt, Assyria, and Israel.

Isaiah chapter 20

Isa 20:1-6. A type prefiguring the shameful captivity of Egypt and Ethiopia.

Isaiah chapter 21

Isa 21:1-10. The prophet, bewailing the captivity of his people, sees in a vision the fall of Babylon by the Medes and Persians.
Isa 21:11-12. Edom, scorning the prophet, is moved to repentance.
Isa 21:13-17. The set time of Arabia’s calamity.

Isaiah chapter 22

Isa 22:1-7. The prophet laments the invasion of Jewry.
Isa 22:8-14. He reproves their human wisdom and worldly joy.
Isa 22:15-19. He prophesies Shebna’s deprivation,
Isa 22:20-25. and the substitution of Eliakim, prefiguring the kingdom of Christ.

Isaiah chapter 23

Isa 23:1-14. The miserable overthrow of Tyre.
Isa 23:15-18. Her restoration and whoredoms.

Isaiah chapter 24

Isa 24:1-12. The doleful judgments of God upon the land.
Isa 24:13-15. A remnant shall joyfully praise him.
Isa 24:16-23. God in his judgments shall advance his kingdom.

Isaiah chapter 25

Isa 25:1-12. Continued.

Isaiah chapter 26

Isa 26:1-21. Continued.

Isaiah chapter 27

Isa 27:1-13. Continued.

Isaiah chapter 28

Isa 28:1-4. The prophet threatens Ephraim for their pride and drunkenness.
Isa 28:5-6. The residue shall be advanced in the kingdom of Christ.
Isa 28:7-8. He rebukes their error;
Isa 28:9-13. their untowardness to learn;
Isa 28:14-15. and their security.
Isa 28:16. Christ the sure foundation is promised.
Isa 28:17-22. Their security shall be tried.
Isa 28:23-29. They are incited to the consideration of God’s discreet providence.

Isaiah chapter 29

Isa 29:1-6. God’s heavy judgment upon Jerusalem.
Isa 29:7-8. The unsatiableness of her enemies.
Isa 29:9-12. The senselessness,
Isa 29:13-16. and deep hypocrisy of the Jews.
Isa 29:17-24. A promise of sanctification to the godly.

Isaiah chapter 30

Isa 30:1-7. The prophet threatens the people for their confidence in Egypt,
Isa 30:8-17. and contempt of God’s word.
Isa 30:18-26. God’s mercies towards his church.
Isa 30:27-33. God’s wrath and the people’s joy, in the destruction of Assyria.

Isaiah chapter 31

Isa 31:1-5. The prophet shews the folly and danger of trusting to Egypt, and forsaking God.
Isa 31:6-7. He exhorts to conversion.
Isa 31:8-9. He shews the fall of Assyria.

Isaiah chapter 32

Isa 32:1-8. The blessings of Christ’s kingdom.
Isa 32:9-14. Desolation is foreshewn.
Isa 32:15-20. Restoration is promised to succeed.

Isaiah chapter 33

Isa 33:1-12. God’s judgments against the enemies of the church.
Isa 33:13-24. The consternation of sinners, and privileges of the godly.

Isaiah chapter 34

Isa 34:1-10. The judgments wherewith God revenges his church.
Isa 34:11-15. The desolation of her enemies.
Isa 34:16-17. The certainty of the prophecy.

Isaiah chapter 35

Isa 35:1-2. The joyful flourishing of Christ’s kingdom.
Isa 35:3-10. The weak are encouraged by the virtues and privileges of the Gospel.

Isaiah chapter 36

Isa 36:1. Sennacherib invades Judah.
Isa 36:2-21. Rabshakeh, sent by Sennacherib, by blasphemous persuasions solicits the people to revolt.
Isa 36:22. His words are told to Hezekiah.

Isaiah chapter 37

Isa 37:1-5. Hezekiah mourning, sends to Isaiah to pray for them.
Isa 37:6-7. Isaiah comforts them.
Isa 37:8-13. Sennacherib, going to encounter Tirhakah, sends a blasphemous letter to Hezekiah.
Isa 37:14-20. Hezekiah’s prayer.
Isa 37:21-35. Isaiah’s prophecy of the pride and destruction of Sennacherib, and the good of Zion.
Isa 37:36. An angel slays the Assyrians.
Isa 37:37-38. Sennacherib is slain at Nineveh by his own sons.

Isaiah chapter 38

Isa 38:1-7. Hezekiah, having received a message of death, by prayer has his life lengthened.
Isa 38:8. The sun goes ten degrees backward, for a sign of that promise.
Isa 38:9-22. His song of thanksgiving.

Isaiah chapter 39

Isa 39:1-2. Merodach-baladan, sending to visit Hezekiah because of the wonder, has notice of his treasures.
Isa 39:3-8. Isaiah, understanding thereof, foretells the Babylonian captivity.

Isaiah chapter 40

Isa 40:1-2. The promulgation of the Gospel.
Isa 40:3-8. The preaching of John Baptist.
Isa 40:9-11. The preaching of the apostles.
Isa 40:12-17. The prophet, by the omnipotency of God,
Isa 40:18-25. and his incomparableness,
Isa 40:26-31. comforts the people.

Isaiah chapter 41

Isa 41:1-9. God expostulates with his people, about his mercies to the church;
Isa 41:10-20. about his promises;
Isa 41:21-29. and about the vanity of idols.

Isaiah chapter 42

Isa 42:1-4. The office of Christ, graced with meekness and constancy.
Isa 42:5-9. God’s promise unto him.
Isa 42:10-12. An exhortation to praise God for his Gospel.
Isa 42:13-17. God will manifest himself, and check idolatry.
Isa 42:18-25. He reproves the people of incredulity.

Isaiah chapter 43

Isa 43:1-7. The Lord comforts the church with his promises.
Isa 43:8-13. He appeals to the people for witness of his omnipotency.
Isa 43:14-17. He foretells them the destruction of Babylon,
Isa 43:18-21. and his wonderful deliverance of his people.
Isa 43:22-28. He reproves the people as inexcusable.

Isaiah chapter 44

Isa 44:1-6. God comforts the church with his promises.
Isa 44:7-8. The vanity of idols,
Isa 44:9-20. and folly of idol makers.
Isa 44:21-28. He exhorts to praise God for his redemption and omnipotency.

Isaiah chapter 45

Isa 45:1-4. God calls Cyrus for his church’s sake.
Isa 45:5-19. By his omnipotency he challenges obedience.
Isa 45:20-25. He convinces the idols of vanity by his saving power.

Isaiah chapter 46

Isa 46:1-2. The idols of Babylon could not save themselves.
Isa 46:3-4. God saves his people to the end.
Isa 46:5-11. Idols are not comparable to God for power,
Isa 46:12-13. or present salvation.

Isaiah chapter 47

Isa 47:1-5. God’s judgment upon Babylon and Chaldea,
Isa 47:6. for their unmercifulness,
Isa 47:7-9. pride,
Isa 47:10. and overboldness,
Isa 47:11-15. shall be irresistible.

Isaiah chapter 48

Isa 48:1-8. God, to convince the people of their foreknown obstinancy, revealed his prophecies.
Isa 48:9-11. He saves them for his own sake.
Isa 48:12-15. He exhorts them to obedience, because of his power and providence.
Isa 48:16-19. He laments their backwardness.
Isa 48:20-22. He powerfully delivers his people out of Babylon.

Isaiah chapter 49

Isa 49:1-4. Christ being sent to the Jews, complains of them.
Isa 49:5-12. He is sent to the Gentiles with gracious promises.
Isa 49:13-17. God’s love is perpetual to his church.
Isa 49:18-23. The ample restoration of the church.
Isa 49:24-26. The powerful deliverance out of captivity.

Isaiah chapter 50

Isa 50:1-4. Christ shews that the dereliction of the Jews is not to be imputed to him, by his ability to save;
Isa 50:5-6. by his obedience in that work;
Isa 50:7-9. and by his confidence in that assistance.
Isa 50:10-11. An exhortation to trust in God, and not in ourselves.

Isaiah chapter 51

Isa 51:1-2. An exhortation, after the pattern of Abraham, to trust in Christ,
Isa 51:3. by reason of his comfortable promises,
Isa 51:4-6. of his righteous salvation,
Isa 51:7-8. and man’s mortality.
Isa 51:9-16. Christ by his sanctified arm defends his from the fear of man.
Isa 51:17-20. He bewails the afflictions of Jerusalem,
Isa 51:21-23. and promises deliverance.

Isaiah chapter 52

Isa 52:1-6. Christ persuades the church to believe his free redemption,
Isa 52:7-8. to receive the ministers thereof,
Isa 52:9-10. to joy in the power thereof,
Isa 52:11-12. and to free themselves from bondage.
Isa 52:13-15. Christ’s kingdom shall be exalted.

Isaiah chapter 53

Isa 53:1-3. The prophet, complaining of incredulity, excuses the scandal of the cross,
Isa 53:4-9. by the benefit of his passion,
Isa 53:10-12. and the good success thereof.

Isaiah chapter 54

Isa 54:1-3. The prophet, for the comfort of the Gentiles, prophesies the amplitude of their church;
Isa 54:4-5. their safety;
Isa 54:6-10. their certain deliverance out of affliction;
Isa 54:11-14. their fair edification;
Isa 54:15-17. and their sure preservation.

Isaiah chapter 55

Isa 55:1-5. The prophet, with the promises of Christ, calls to faith,
Isa 55:6-7. and to repentance.
Isa 55:8-13. The happy success of them that believe.

Isaiah chapter 56

Isa 56:1-2. The prophet exhorts to sanctification.
Isa 56:3-8. He promises it shall be general, without respect of persons.
Isa 56:9-12. He inveighs against blind watchmen.

Isaiah chapter 57

Isa 57:1-2. The blessed death of the righteous.
Isa 57:3-12. God reproves the Jews for their whorish idolatry.
Isa 57:13-21. He gives promises of mercy to the penitent.

Isaiah chapter 58

Isa 58:1-7. The prophet, being sent to reprove hypocrisy, shews the difference between a counterfeit fast and a true.
Isa 58:8-12. He declares what promises are due unto godliness,
Isa 58:13-14. and to the keeping of the sabbath.

Isaiah chapter 59

Isa 59:1-15. The calamities of the Jews not owing to want of saving power in God, but to their own enormous sins.
Isa 59:16-19. Salvation is only of God.
Isa 59:20-21. The covenant of the Redeemer.

Isaiah chapter 60

Isa 60:1-14. The glory of the church in the abundant access of the Gentiles,
Isa 60:15-22. and the great blessings after a short affliction.

Isaiah chapter 61

Isa 61:1-3. The office of Christ.
Isa 61:4-6. The forwardness;
Isa 61:7-11. and blessing of the faithful.

Isaiah chapter 62

Isa 62:1-5. The fervent desire of the prophet to confirm the church in God’s promises.
Isa 62:6-9. The office of the ministers (unto which they are incited) in preaching the Gospel,
Isa 62:10-12. and preparing the people thereto.

Isaiah chapter 63

Isa 63:1. Christ shews who he is,
Isa 63:2-6. what his victory over his enemies,
Isa 63:7-9. and what his mercy toward his church.
Isa 63:10-14. In his just wrath he remembers his free mercy.
Isa 63:15-16. The church, in her prayer,
Isa 63:17-19. and complaint, professes her faith.

Isaiah chapter 64

Isa 64:1-3. The church prays for the illustration of God’s power.
Isa 64:4-8. Celebrating God’s mercy, it makes confession of their natural corruptions.
Isa 64:9-12. It complains of their afflictions.

Isaiah chapter 65

Isa 65:1-7. The calling of the Gentiles, and the rejection of the Jews, for their incredulity, idolatry, and hypocrisy.
Isa 65:8-10. A remnant shall be saved.
Isa 65:11-16. Judgments on the wicked, and blessings on the godly.
Isa 65:17-25. The blessed state of the new Jerusalem.

Isaiah chapter 66

Isa 66:1-4. The glorious God will be served in humble sincerity.
Isa 66:5-6. He comforts the humble by shewing the confusion of their enemies;
Isa 66:7-9. with the marvellous growth,
Isa 66:10-14. and the gracious benefits of the church.
Isa 66:15-17. God’s severe judgments against the wicked.
Isa 66:18-23. The Gentiles shall have an holy church;
Isa 66:24. and see the damnation of the wicked.