Esther chapter 1

Es 1:1-9. Ahasuerus makes royal feasts.
Es 1:10-12. Vashti, sent for, refuses to come.
Es 1:13-22. Ahasuerus, by the counsel of Memucan, puts away Vashti, and makes the decree of men’s sovereignty.

Esther chapter 2

Es 2:1-4. Out of the choice of virgins a queen is to be chosen.
Es 2:5-7. Mordecai the nursing father of Esther.
Es 2:8-11. Esther preferred before the rest.
Es 2:12-14. The manner of purification, and going in to the king.
Es 2:15-20. Esther best pleasing the king, is made queen.
Es 2:21-23. Mordecai discovering a treason, is recorded in the chronicles.

Esther chapter 3

Es 3:1-6. Haman, advanced by the king, and despised by Mordecai, seeks revenge upon all the Jews.
Es 3:7. He casts lots.
Es 3:8-15. He obtains by calumniation a decree of the king to put the Jews to death.

Esther chapter 4

Es 4:1-3. The great mourning of Mordecai and the Jews.
Es 4:4-9. Esther, understanding it, sends to Mordecai, who shews the cause, and advises her to undertake the suit.
Es 4:10-14. She excusing herself, is threatened by Mordecai.
Es 4:15-17. She appointing a fast, undertakes the suit.

Esther chapter 5

Es 5:1-5. Esther, adventuring on the king’s favour, obtains the grace of the golden sceptre, and invites the king and Haman to a banquet.
Es 5:6-8. She, being encouraged by the king in her suit, invites them to another banquet the next day.
Es 5:9-13. Haman, proud of his advancement, repines at the contempt of Mordecai.
Es 5:14. By the counsel of Zeresh he prepares for him a gallows.

Esther chapter 6

Es 6:1-3. Ahasuerus, reading in the chronicles of the good service done by Mordecai, takes care for his reward.
Es 6:4-11. Haman, coming to sue that Mordecai might be hanged, gives counsel that he might do him honour.
Es 6:12-14. Complaining of this, his friends tell him of his final destiny.

Esther chapter 7

Es 7:1-4. Esther, entertaining the king and Haman, makes suit for her own life, and her people’s.
Es 7:5-6. She accuses Haman.
Es 7:7-10. The king in his anger, understanding of the gallows which Haman had made for Mordecai, causes him to be hanged thereon.

Esther chapter 8

Es 8:1-2. Mordecai is advanced.
Es 8:3-6. Esther makes suit to reverse Haman’s letters.
Es 8:7-14. Ahasuerus grants to the Jews to defend themselves.
Es 8:15-17. Mordecai’s honour, and the Jews’ joy.

Esther chapter 9

Es 9:1-11. The Jews slay their enemies, with the ten sons of Haman.
Es 9:12-19. Ahasuerus, at the request of Esther, grants another day of slaughter, and Haman’s sons to be hanged.
Es 9:20-32. The two days of Purim are made festival.

Esther chapter 10

Es 10:1-2. Ahasuerus’ greatness.
Es 10:3. Mordecai’s advancement.