Ephesians chapter 1

Eph 1:1-2. After the salutation,
Eph 1:3. and thanksgiving for the Ephesians,
Eph 1:4-5. he treats of our election,
Eph 1:6-10. and adoption by grace;
Eph 1:11-12. which is the true and proper fountain of man’s salvation.
Eph 1:13-15. And because the height of this mystery cannot be easily attained unto,
Eph 1:16-23. he prays that they may come to the full knowledge and possession thereof in Christ.

Ephesians chapter 2

Eph 2:1-9. By comparing what we were by nature, with what we are by grace,
Eph 2:10-22. he declares that we are made for good works: and being brought near by Christ, should not live as Gentiles and foreigners, as in time past, but as citizens with the saints, and the family of God.

Ephesians chapter 3

Eph 3:1-7. The hidden mystery that the Gentiles should be saved was made known to Paul by revelation;
Eph 3:8-12. and to him was that grace given, that he should preach it.
Eph 3:13. He desires them not to faint for his tribulation;
Eph 3:14-21. and prays that they may perceive the great love of Christ toward them.

Ephesians chapter 4

Eph 4:1-6. He exhorts to unity;
Eph 4:7-10. and declares that God therefore gives divers gifts unto men;
Eph 4:11-15. that his church might be edified,
Eph 4:16-17. and grow up in Christ.
Eph 4:18-23. He calls them from the impurity of the Gentiles;
Eph 4:24. to put on the new man;
Eph 4:25-28. to cast off lying;
Eph 4:29-32. and corrupt communication.

Ephesians chapter 5

Eph 5:1-2. After general exhortations to love;
Eph 5:3. to flee fornication;
Eph 5:4-6. and all uncleanness;
Eph 5:7-14. not to converse with the wicked;
Eph 5:15-17. to walk warily;
Eph 5:18-21. and to be filled with the Spirit;
Eph 5:22-24. he descends to the particular duties, how wives ought to obey their husbands;
Eph 5:25-31. and husbands ought to love their wives,
Eph 5:32-33. even as Christ does his church.

Ephesians chapter 6

Eph 6:1-4. The duty of children towards their parents;
Eph 6:5-9. of servants towards their masters.
Eph 6:10-12. Our life is a warfare, not only against flesh and blood, but also spiritual enemies.
Eph 6:13-17. The complete armour of a Christian;
Eph 6:18-20. and how it ought to be used.
Eph 6:21-24. Tychicus is commended.