Ecclesiastes chapter 1

Ec 1:1-3. The preacher shews that all human courses are vain;
Ec 1:4-8. because the creatures are restless in their courses,
Ec 1:9-11. they bring forth nothing new, and all old things are forgotten;
Ec 1:12-18. and because he has found it so in the studies of wisdom.

Ecclesiastes chapter 2

Ec 2:1-11. The vanity of human courses in the works of pleasure.
Ec 2:12-17. Though the wise be better than the fool, yet both have one event.
Ec 2:18-23. The vanity of human labour, in leaving it they know not to whom.
Ec 2:24-26. Nothing better than joy in our labour; but that is God’s gift.

Ecclesiastes chapter 3

Ec 3:1-10. By the necessary change of times, vanity is added to human travail.
Ec 3:11-15. There is an excellency in God’s works.
Ec 3:16-22. But as for man, God shall judge his works hereafter, though here he be like a beast.

Ecclesiastes chapter 4

Ec 4:1-3. Vanity is increased unto men by oppression;
Ec 4:4. by envy;
Ec 4:5-6. by idleness;
Ec 4:7-8. by covetousness;
Ec 4:9-12. by solitariness;
Ec 4:13-16. by wilfulness.

Ecclesiastes chapter 5

Ec 5:1-7. Vanities in divine service;
Ec 5:8. in murmuring against oppression;
Ec 5:9-17. and in riches.
Ec 5:18-20. Joy in riches is the gift of God.

Ecclesiastes chapter 6

Ec 6:1-2. The vanity of riches without use;
Ec 6:3-6. though a man have many children and a long life.
Ec 6:7-9. The vanity of sight and wandering desires.
Ec 6:10-12. The conclusion of vanities.

Ecclesiastes chapter 7

Ec 7:1. Remedies against vanity are, a good name;
Ec 7:2-6. mortification;
Ec 7:7-10. patience;
Ec 7:11-22. wisdom.
Ec 7:23-29. The difficulty of wisdom.

Ecclesiastes chapter 8

Ec 8:1. True wisdom is modest.
Ec 8:2-5. Kings are to be respected.
Ec 8:6-11. Divine providence is to be observed.
Ec 8:12-15. It is better with the godly in adversity, than with the wicked in prosperity.
Ec 8:16-17. The work of God is unsearchable.

Ecclesiastes chapter 9

Ec 9:1-3. Like things happen to good and bad.
Ec 9:4-6. There is a necessity of death unto men.
Ec 9:7-10. Comfort is all their portion in this life.
Ec 9:11-12. God’s providence rules over all.
Ec 9:13-18. Wisdom is better than strength.

Ecclesiastes chapter 10

Ec 10:1-15. Observations of wisdom and folly;
Ec 10:16-17. of riot;
Ec 10:18. slothfulness;
Ec 10:19. and money.
Ec 10:20. Men’s thoughts of kings ought to be reverent.

Ecclesiastes chapter 11

Ec 11:1-6. Directions for charity.
Ec 11:7-8. Death in life,
Ec 11:9-10. and the day ofjudgment in the days of youth, are to be thought on.

Ecclesiastes chapter 12

Ec 12:1-7. The Creator is to be remembered in due time.
Ec 12:8-12. The preacher’s care to edify.
Ec 12:13-14. The fear of God is the chief antidote of vanity.