Daniel chapter 1

Da 1:1-2. Jehoiakim’s captivity.
Da 1:3-7. Ashpenaz takes Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.
Da 1:8-16. They refusing the king’s portion do prosper with pulse and water.
Da 1:17-21. Their proficiency in wisdom.

Daniel chapter 2

Da 2:1-9. Nebuchadnezzar, forgetting his dream, requires it of the Chaldeans, by promises and threatenings.
Da 2:10-13. They acknowledging their inability are judged to die.
Da 2:14-18. Daniel obtaining some respite finds the dream.
Da 2:19-23. He blesses God.
Da 2:24-30. He staying the decree is brought to the king.
Da 2:31-35. The dream.
Da 2:36-45. The interpretation.
Da 2:46-49. Daniel’s advancement.

Daniel chapter 3

Da 3:1-7. Nebuchadnezzar dedicates a golden image in Dura.
Da 3:8-12. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are accused for not worshipping the image.
Da 3:13-18. They being threatened, make a good confession.
Da 3:19-23. They are cast into the furnace,
Da 3:24-27. from which God delivers them.
Da 3:28-30. Nebuchadnezzar seeing the miracle blesses God, and advances them.

Daniel chapter 4

Da 4:1-3. Nebuchadnezzar confesses God’s kingdom,
Da 4:4-7. makes relation of his dreams, which the magicians could not interpret.
Da 4:8-18. Daniel hears the dream.
Da 4:19-27. He interprets it.
Da 4:28-37. The dream fulfilled.

Daniel chapter 5

Da 5:1-4. Belshazzar’s impious feast.
Da 5:5-9. A hand-writing unknown to the magicians, troubles the king.
Da 5:10-16. At the commendation of the queen Daniel is brought.
Da 5:17-24. He, reproving the king of pride and idolatry,
Da 5:25-29. reads and interprets the writing.
Da 5:30-31. The monarchy is translated to the Medes.

Daniel chapter 6

Da 6:1-3. Daniel is made chief of the presidents.
Da 6:4-9. They, conspiring against him, obtain an idolatrous decree.
Da 6:10-17. Daniel, accused of the breach thereof, is cast into the lion’s den.
Da 6:18-23. Daniel is saved;
Da 6:24. his adversaries devoured;
Da 6:25-28. and God magnified by a decree.

Daniel chapter 7

Da 7:1-8. Daniel’s vision of the four beasts,
Da 7:9-14. and of God’s kingdom.
Da 7:15-28. The interpretation thereof.

Daniel chapter 8

Da 8:1-12. Daniel’s vision of the ram and he goat.
Da 8:13-14. The two thousand three hundred days of the suspension of the daily sacrifice.
Da 8:15-27. Gabriel comforts Daniel, and interprets the vision.

Daniel chapter 9

Da 9:1-2. Daniel, considering the time of the captivity,
Da 9:3-15. makes confession of sins,
Da 9:16-19. and prays for the restoration of Jerusalem.
Da 9:20-27. Gabriel informs him of the seventy weeks.

Daniel chapter 10

Da 10:1-9. Daniel, having humbled himself, sees a vision.
Da 10:10-21. Being troubled with fear, he is comforted by the angel.

Daniel chapter 11

Da 11:1-4. The overthrow of Persia by the king of Grecia.
Da 11:5-29. Leagues and conflicts between the kings of the south and of the north.
Da 11:30-45. The invasion and tyranny of the Romans.

Daniel chapter 12

Da 12:1-4. Michael shall deliver Israel from their troubles.
Da 12:5-13. Daniel is informed of the times.