Micah chapter 1

Mic 1:1. The time when Micah prophesied.
Mic 1:2-9. He shews the wrath of God against Jacob for idolatry.
Mic 1:10-16. He exhorts to mourning.

Micah chapter 2

Mic 2:1-3. Against oppression.
Mic 2:4-6. A lamentation.
Mic 2:7-11. A reproof of injustice and idolatry.
Mic 2:12-13. A promise of restoring Jacob.

Micah chapter 3

Mic 3:1-4. The cruelty of the princes.
Mic 3:5-7. The falsehood of the prophets.
Mic 3:8-12. The ill-grounded security of them both.

Micah chapter 4

Mic 4:1-4. The glory,
Mic 4:5. and the peace of Christ’s kingdom.
Mic 4:6-10. The restoration,
Mic 4:11-13. and victory of the church.

Micah chapter 5

Mic 5:1-3. The birth of Christ.
Mic 5:4-7. His kingdom.
Mic 5:8-15. His conquest.

Micah chapter 6

Mic 6:1-5. God’s controversy for ingratitude;
Mic 6:6-9. for ignorance,
Mic 6:10-15. for injustice;
Mic 6:16. and for idolatry.

Micah chapter 7

Mic 7:1-2. The church, complaining of her small number,
Mic 7:3-4. and the general corruption,
Mic 7:5-7. puts her confidence not in man, but in God.
Mic 7:8-13. She triumphs over her enemies.
Mic 7:14. She prays to God.
Mic 7:15-17. God comforts her by promises of confusion to her enemies;
Mic 7:18-20. and by his mercies.