Amos chapter 1

Am 1:1-2. The time when Amos prophesied.
Am 1:3-5. He shews God’s judgment upon Syria,
Am 1:6-8. upon the Philistines,
Am 1:9-10. upon Tyrus,
Am 1:11-12. upon Edom,
Am 1:13-15. upon Ammon.

Amos chapter 2

Am 2:1-3. God’s judgments upon Moab,
Am 2:4-5. upon Judah,
Am 2:6-8. and upon Israel.
Am 2:9-16. God complains of their ingratitude.

Amos chapter 3

Am 3:1-8. The necessity of God’s judgment against Israel.
Am 3:9-15. The publication of it, with the causes thereof.

Amos chapter 4

Am 4:1-3. He reproves Israel for oppression,
Am 4:4-5. for idolatry,
Am 4:6-13. and for their incorrigibleness.

Amos chapter 5

Am 5:1-3. A lamentation for Israel.
Am 5:4-20. An exhortation to repentance.
Am 5:21-27. God rejects their hypocritical service.

Amos chapter 6

Am 6:1-6. The wantonness of Israel,
Am 6:7-11. shall be plagued with desolation;
Am 6:12-14. and their incorrigibleness shall end in affliction.

Amos chapter 7

Am 7:1-3. The judgments of the grasshoppers,
Am 7:4-6. and of the fire are diverted by the prayer of Amos.
Am 7:7-9. By the wall of a plumbline is signified the rejection of Israel.
Am 7:10-13. Amaziah complains of Amos.
Am 7:14-15. Amos shews his calling;
Am 7:16-17. and Amaziah’s judgment.

Amos chapter 8

Am 8:1-3. By a basket of summer fruit is shown the approach of Israel’s end.
Am 8:4-10. Oppression is reproved.
Am 8:11-14. A famine of the word of God threatened.

Amos chapter 9

Am 9:1-10. The certainty of the desolation.
Am 9:11-15. The restoring of the tabernacle of David.