1 Chronicles chapter 1

1Ch 1:1-4. Adam’s line to Noah.
1Ch 1:5-7. The sons of Japheth.
1Ch 1:8-16. The sons of Ham.
1Ch 1:17-23. The sons of Shem.
1Ch 1:24-28. Shem’s line to Abraham.
1Ch 1:29-31. Ishmael’s sons.
1Ch 1:32-33. The sons of Keturah.
1Ch 1:34-37. The posterity of Abraham by Esau.
1Ch 1:38-42. The sons of Seir.
1Ch 1:43-50. The kings of Edom.
1Ch 1:51-54. The dukes of Edom.

1 Chronicles chapter 2

1Ch 2:1-2. The sons of Israel.
1Ch 2:3-12. The posterity of Judah by Tamar.
1Ch 2:13-17. The children of Jesse.
1Ch 2:18-20. The posterity of Caleb the son of Hezron.
1Ch 2:21-24. Hezron’s posterity by the daughter of Machir.
1Ch 2:25-33. Jerahmeel’s posterity.
1Ch 2:34-41. Sheshan’s posterity.
1Ch 2:42-49. Another branch of Caleb’s posterity.
1Ch 2:50-55. The posterity of Caleb the son of Hur.

1 Chronicles chapter 3

1Ch 3:1-9. The sons of David.
1Ch 3:10-16. His line to Zedekiah.
1Ch 3:17-24. The successors of Jeconiah.

1 Chronicles chapter 4

1Ch 4:1-4. The posterity of Judah by Caleb, the son of Hur.
1Ch 4:5-8. Of Ashur, the posthumous son Hezron.
1Ch 4:9-10. Of Jabez, and his prayer.
1Ch 4:11-20. The other families of the same stock.
1Ch 4:21-23. The sons of Shelah.
1Ch 4:24-38. The posterity and cities of Simeon.
1Ch 4:39-43. Their conquest of Gedor, and of the Amalekites in mount Seir.

1 Chronicles chapter 5

1Ch 5:1-2. Judah and Joseph preferred before Reuben, who forfeited his birthright.
1Ch 5:3-10. Ruben’s descendants; some of whom vanquish the Hagarites.
1Ch 5:11-17. The chief men of Gad, and their habitations.
1Ch 5:18-22. Ruben, Gad, and half of Manasseh, obtain a victory over the Hagarites.
1Ch 5:23-24. The habitations and chief men of that half of Manasseh.
1Ch 5:25-26. The captivity of the two tribes and half, for their sins.

1 Chronicles chapter 6

1Ch 6:1-3. The sons of Levi.
1Ch 6:4-15. The line of Eleazar unto the captivity.
1Ch 6:16-48. The families of Gershom, Kohath, and Merari.
1Ch 6:49-53. The office of Aaron, and his line unto Ahimaaz.
1Ch 6:54-81. The cities of the priests and Levites.

1 Chronicles chapter 7

1Ch 7:1-5. The sons of Issachar;
1Ch 7:6-12. of Benjamin;
1Ch 7:13. of Naphtali;
1Ch 7:14. of Manasseh;
1Ch 7:15-20. and of Ephraim.
1Ch 7:21-22. The calamity of Ephraim by the men of Gath.
1Ch 7:23-27. His posterity by Beriah.
1Ch 7:28-29. Their habitations.
1Ch 7:30-40. The sons of Asher.

1 Chronicles chapter 8

1Ch 8:1-32. The sons and chief men of Benjamin.
1Ch 8:33-40. The stock of Saul and Jonathan.

1 Chronicles chapter 9

1Ch 9:1. The original of Israel and Judah’s genealogies.
1Ch 9:2-9. The Israelites;
1Ch 9:10-13. the priests;
1Ch 9:14-26. and the Levites, with Nethinims, which dwelt in Jerusalem.
1Ch 9:27-34. The charge of certain Levites.
1Ch 9:35-44. The stock of Saul and Jonathan.

1 Chronicles chapter 10

1Ch 10:1-7. Saul’s overthrow and death.
1Ch 10:8-10. The Philistines triumph over Saul.
1Ch 10:11-12. The kindness of Jabesh-gilead towards Saul and his sons.
1Ch 10:13-14. Saul’s sin, for which the kingdom was translated from him to David.

1 Chronicles chapter 11

1Ch 11:1-3. David by general consent is made king at Hebron.
1Ch 11:4-9. He wins the castle of Zion from the Jebusites by Joab’s valour.
1Ch 11:10-47. A catalogue of David’s mighty men.

1 Chronicles chapter 12

1Ch 12:1-22. The companies that came to David at Ziklag.
1Ch 12:23-40. The armies that came to him at Hebron.

1 Chronicles chapter 13

1Ch 13:1-8. David fetches the ark with great solemnity from Kirjath- jearim.
1Ch 13:9-14. Uzza being smitten, the ark is left at the house of Obed- edom.

1 Chronicles chapter 14

1Ch 14:1. Hiram’s kindness to David.
1Ch 14:2-7. David’s felicity in people, wives, and children.
1Ch 14:8-17. His two victories against the Philistines.

1 Chronicles chapter 15

1Ch 15:1-24. David having prepared a place for the ark, the priests and Levites bring it from Obed-edom.
1Ch 15:25-28. He performs the solemnity thereof with great joy.
1Ch 15:29. Michal despises him.

1 Chronicles chapter 16

1Ch 16:1-3. David’s festival sacrifice.
1Ch 16:4-6. He orders a choir to sing thanksgiving.
1Ch 16:7-36. The psalm of thanksgiving.
1Ch 16:37-43. He appoints ministers, porters, priests, and musicians, to attend continually on the ark.

1 Chronicles chapter 17

1Ch 17:1-2. Nathan first approving the purpose of David, to build God a house,
1Ch 17:3-10. after by the word of God forbids him.
1Ch 17:11-15. He promises him blessings and benefits in his seed.
1Ch 17:16-27. David’s prayer and thanksgiving.

1 Chronicles chapter 18

1Ch 18:1-2. David subdues the Philistines and the Moabites.
1Ch 18:3-8. He smites Hadarezer and the Syrians.
1Ch 18:9-10. Tou sends Hadoram with presents to bless David.
1Ch 18:11-12. The presents and the spoil David dedicates to God.
1Ch 18:13. He puts garrisons in Edom.
1Ch 18:14-17. David’s officers.

1 Chronicles chapter 19

1Ch 19:1-5. David’s messengers, sent to comfort Hanun, the son of Nahash, are villainously treated.
1Ch 19:6-15. The Ammonites, strengthened by the Syrians, are overcome by Joab and Abishai.
1Ch 19:16-19. Shophach, making a new supply of the Syrians, is slain by David.

1 Chronicles chapter 20

1Ch 20:1-3. Rabbah is besieged by Joab, spoiled by David, and the people thereof tortured.
1Ch 20:4-8. Three giants are slain in three several overthrows of the Philistines.

1 Chronicles chapter 21

1Ch 21:1-4. David, tempted by Satan, forces Joab to number the people.
1Ch 21:5-8. The number of the people being brought, David repents of it.
1Ch 21:9-13. David having three plagues propounded by God, chooses the pestilence.
1Ch 21:14-17. After the death of seventy thousand, David by repentance prevents the destruction of Jerusalem.
1Ch 21:18-27. David, by Gad’s direction, purchases Ornan’s threshing- floor; where having built an altar, God gives a sign of his favour by fire, and stays the plague.
1Ch 21:28-30. David sacrifices there, being restrained from Gibeon by fear of the angel.

1 Chronicles chapter 22

1Ch 22:1-5. David, foreknowing the place of the temple, prepares abundance for the building of it.
1Ch 22:6-16. He instructs Solomon in God’s promises, and his duty in building the temple.
1Ch 22:17-19. He charges the princes to assist his son.

1 Chronicles chapter 23

1Ch 23:1. David in his old age makes Solomon king.
1Ch 23:2-6. The number and distribution of the Levites.
1Ch 23:7-11. The families of the Gershonites.
1Ch 23:12-20. The sons of Kohath.
1Ch 23:21-23. The sons of Merari.
1Ch 23:24-32. The office of the Levites.

1 Chronicles chapter 24

1Ch 24:1-19. The division of the sons of Aaron by lot into four and twenty orders.
1Ch 24:20-25. The Kohathites,
1Ch 24:26-31. and the Merarites, divided by lot.

1 Chronicles chapter 25

1Ch 25:1-7. The number and offices of the singers.
1Ch 25:8-31. Their division by lot into four and twenty orders.

1 Chronicles chapter 26

1Ch 26:1-12. The divisions of the porters.
1Ch 26:13-19. The gates assigned by lot.
1Ch 26:20-28. The Levites that had charge of the treasures.
1Ch 26:29-32. Officers and judges.

1 Chronicles chapter 27

1Ch 27:1-15. The twelve captains for every several month.
1Ch 27:16-22. The princes of the twelve tribes.
1Ch 27:23-24. The numbering of the people is hindered.
1Ch 27:25-34. David’s several officers.

1 Chronicles chapter 28

1Ch 28:1-8. David in a solemn assembly having declared God’s favour to him, and promise to his son Solomon, exhorts them to fear God.
1Ch 28:9-10. He encourages Solomon to build the temple.
1Ch 28:11-21. He gives him patterns, gold and silver, etc.

1 Chronicles chapter 29

1Ch 29:1-5. David, by his example and entreaty,
1Ch 29:6-9. causes the princes and people to offer willingly.
1Ch 29:10-19. David’s thanksgiving and prayer.
1Ch 29:20-25. The people, having blessed God, and sacrificed, make Solomon king.
1Ch 29:26-30. David’s reign and death.