1 Kings chapter 1

1Ki 1:1-4. Abishag cherishes David in his extreme age.
1Ki 1:5-10. Adonijah, David’s darling, usurps the kingdom.
1Ki 1:11-14. By the council of Nathan,
1Ki 1:15-21. Bath-sheba moves the king,
1Ki 1:22-27. and Nathan seconds her.
1Ki 1:28-31. David renews his oath to Bath-sheba.
1Ki 1:32-40. Solomon, by David’s appointment, being anointed king by Zadok and Nathan, the people triumph.
1Ki 1:41-49. Jonathan bringing the news, Adonijah’s guests fly.
1Ki 1:50-53. Adonijah, flying to the horns of the altar, upon his good behaviour, is dismissed by Solomon.

1 Kings chapter 2

1Ki 2:1-2. David, having given a charge to Solomon,
1Ki 2:3-4. of religiousness;
1Ki 2:5-6. of Joab;
1Ki 2:7. of Barzillai;
1Ki 2:8-9. of Shimei;
1Ki 2:10-11. dies.
1Ki 2:12. Solomon succeeds.
1Ki 2:13-25. Adonijah, moving Bath-sheba to sue unto Solomon for Abishag, is put to death.
1Ki 2:26-27. Abiathar, having his life given him, is deprived of the priesthood.
1Ki 2:28-34. Joab fleeing to the horns of the altar, is there slain.
1Ki 2:35. Benaiah is put in Joab’s room, and Zadok in Abiathar’s.
1Ki 2:36-46. Shimei, confined to Jerusalem, by occasion of going thence to Gath, is put to death.

1 Kings chapter 3

1Ki 3:1. Solomon marries Pharaoh’s daughter.
1Ki 3:2-4. High places being in use, Solomon sacrifices at Gibeon.
1Ki 3:5-15. Solomon at Gibeon, in the choice which God gave him, preferring wisdom, obtains wisdom, riches, and honour.
1Ki 3:16-28. Solomon’s judgment makes him renowned.

1 Kings chapter 4

1Ki 4:1-6. Solomon’s princes.
1Ki 4:7-19. His twelve officers for provision.
1Ki 4:20-21. The peace and largeness of his kingdom.
1Ki 4:22-25. His daily provision.
1Ki 4:26-28. His stables.
1Ki 4:29-34. His wisdom.

1 Kings chapter 5

1Ki 5:1-6. Hiram, sending to congratulate Solomon, is desired to furnish him with timber to build the temple.
1Ki 5:7-12. Hiram, blessing God for Solomon, and requesting food for his family, furnishes him with trees.
1Ki 5:13-18. The number of Solomon’s workmen and labourers

1 Kings chapter 6

1Ki 6:1-4. The building of Solomon’s temple.
1Ki 6:5-10. The chambers thereof.
1Ki 6:11-14. God’s promise unto it.
1Ki 6:15-22. The ceiling and adorning of it.
1Ki 6:23-30. The cherubims.
1Ki 6:31-35. The doors.
1Ki 6:36. The court.
1Ki 6:37-38. The time of building it.

1 Kings chapter 7

1Ki 7:1. The building of Solomon’s house.
1Ki 7:2-5. Of the house of Lebanon.
1Ki 7:6. Of the porch of pillars.
1Ki 7:7. Of the porch of judgment.
1Ki 7:8-12. Of the house for Pharaoh’s daughter.
1Ki 7:13-22. Hiram’s work of the two pillars.
1Ki 7:23-26. Of the molten sea.
1Ki 7:27-37. Of the ten bases.
1Ki 7:38-39. Of the ten lavers,
1Ki 7:40-51. and all the vessels.

1 Kings chapter 8

1Ki 8:1-11. The feast of the dedication of the temple.
1Ki 8:12-21. Solomon’s blessing.
1Ki 8:22-53. Solomon’s prayer.
1Ki 8:54-61. Solomon’s blessing.
1Ki 8:62-66. His sacrifice of peace offerings.

1 Kings chapter 9

1Ki 9:1-9. God’s covenant in a vision with Solomon.
1Ki 9:10-14. The mutual presents of Solomon and Hiram.
1Ki 9:15-23. In Solomon’s works the Gentiles were his bondmen, the Israelites honourable servants.
1Ki 9:24. Pharaoh’s daughter removes to her house.
1Ki 9:25. Solomon’s yearly solemn sacrifices.
1Ki 9:26-28. His navy fetches gold from Ophir.

1 Kings chapter 10

1Ki 10:1-13. The queen of Sheba admires the wisdom of Solomon.
1Ki 10:14-15. Solomon’s gold.
1Ki 10:16-17. His targets.
1Ki 10:18-20. The throne of ivory.
1Ki 10:21-23. His vessels.
1Ki 10:24-25. His presents.
1Ki 10:26-27. His chariots and horse.
1Ki 10:28-29. His tribute.

1 Kings chapter 11

1Ki 11:1-3. Solomon’s wives and concubines.
1Ki 11:4-8. In his old age they draw him to idolatry.
1Ki 11:9-13. God threatens him.
1Ki 11:14-22. Solomon’s adversaries were Hadad, who was entertained in Egypt;
1Ki 11:23-25. Rezon, who reigned in Damascus;
1Ki 11:26-40. and Jeroboam, to whom Ahijah prophesied.
1Ki 11:41-43. Solomon’s acts, reign, and death. Rehoboam succeeds him.

1 Kings chapter 12

1Ki 12:1-5. The Israelites, assembled at Shechem to crown Rehoboam, by Jeroboam make a suit of relaxation unto him.
1Ki 12:6-15. Rehoboam, refusing the old men’s counsel, answers them roughly.
1Ki 12:16-20. Ten tribes revolting, kill Adoram, and make Rehoboam flee.
1Ki 12:21-24. Rehoboam, raising an army, is forbidden by Shemaiah.
1Ki 12:25. Jeroboam strengthens himself by cities;
1Ki 12:26-33. and by the idolatry of the two calves.

1 Kings chapter 13

1Ki 13:1-5. Jeroboam’s hand withers,
1Ki 13:6. and at the prayer of the prophet is restored.
1Ki 13:7-10. The prophet departs from Beth-el.
1Ki 13:11-19. An old prophet brings him back.
1Ki 13:20-22. He is reproved by God,
1Ki 13:23-25. slain by a lion,
1Ki 13:26-30. buried by the old prophet,
1Ki 13:31-32. who confirms his prophecy.
1Ki 13:33-34. Jeroboam’s obstinacy.

1 Kings chapter 14

1Ki 14:1-4. Abijah being sick, Jeroboam sends his wife, disguised, with presents to the prophet Ahijah at Shiloh.
1Ki 14:5-16. Ahijah, forewarned by God, denounces God’s judgment.
1Ki 14:17-18. Abijah dies, and is buried.
1Ki 14:19-20. Nadab succeeds Jeroboam.
1Ki 14:21-24. Rehoboam’s wicked reign.
1Ki 14:25-28. Shishak spoils Jerusalem.
1Ki 14:29-31. Abijam succeeds Rehoboam.

1 Kings chapter 15

1Ki 15:1-6. Abijam’s wicked reign.
1Ki 15:7-8. Asa succeeds him.
1Ki 15:9-15. Asa’s good reign.
1Ki 15:16-22. The war between Baasha and him causes him to make a league with Bed-hadad.
1Ki 15:23-24. Jehoshaphat succeeds Asa.
1Ki 15:25-26. Nadab’s wicked reign.
1Ki 15:27-30. Baasha conspiring against him, executes Ahijah’s prophecy.
1Ki 15:31-32. Nadab’s acts and death.
1Ki 15:33-34. Baasha’s wicked reign.

1 Kings chapter 16

1Ki 16:1-4. Jehu’s prophecy against Baasha.
1Ki 16:5-7. Elah succeeds him.
1Ki 16:8-10. Zimri, conspiring against Elah, succeeds him.
1Ki 16:11-14. Zimri executes Jehu’s prophecy.
1Ki 16:15-20. Omri, made king by the soldiers, forces Zimri desperately to burn himself.
1Ki 16:21-22. The kingdom being divided, Omri prevails against Tibni.
1Ki 16:23-24. Omri builds Samaria.
1Ki 16:25-26. His wicked reign.
1Ki 16:27-28. Ahab succeeds him.
1Ki 16:29-33. Ahab’s most wicked reign.
1Ki 16:34. Joshua’s curse upon Hiel the builder of Jericho.

1 Kings chapter 17

1Ki 17:1-7. Elijah, having prophesied against Ahab, is sent to Cherith where the ravens feed him.
1Ki 17:8-16. He is sent to the widow of Zarephath.
1Ki 17:17-23. He raises the widow’s son.
1Ki 17:24. The woman believes him.

1 Kings chapter 18

1Ki 18:1-8. In the extremity of famine Elijah, sent to Ahab, meets good Obadiah.
1Ki 18:9-16. Obadiah brings Ahab to Elijah.
1Ki 18:17-40. Elijah, reproving Ahab, by fire from heaven convinces Baal’s prophets.
1Ki 18:41-46. Elijah, by prayer obtaining rain, follows Ahab to Jezreel.

1 Kings chapter 19

1Ki 19:1-3. Elijah, threatened by Jezebel, flees to Beer-sheba.
1Ki 19:4-8. In the wilderness, being weary of his life, he is comforted by an angel.
1Ki 19:9-18. At Horeb God appears unto him, sending him to anoint Hazael, Jehu, and Elisha.
1Ki 19:19-21. Elisha, taking leave of his friends, follows Elijah.

1 Kings chapter 20

1Ki 20:1-12. Ben-hadad, not content with Ahab’s homage, besieges Samaria.
1Ki 20:13-21. By the direction of a prophet, the Syrians are slain.
1Ki 20:22-27. As the prophet forewarned Ahab, the Syrians, trusting in the valleys, come against him in Aphek.
1Ki 20:28-30. By the word of the prophet, and God’s judgment, the Syrians are smitten again.
1Ki 20:31-34. The Syrians submitting themselves, Ahab sends Ben-hadad away with a covenant.
1Ki 20:35-43. The prophet, under the parable of a prisoner, making Ahab judge himself, denounces God’s judgment against him.

1 Kings chapter 21

1Ki 21:1-4. Ahab being denied Naboth’s vineyard, is grieved.
1Ki 21:5-14. Jezebel writing letters against Naboth, he is condemned of blasphemy.
1Ki 21:15-16. Ahab take possession of the vineyard.
1Ki 21:17-24. Elijah denounces judgments against Ahab and Jezebel.
1Ki 21:25-29. Wicked Ahab repenting, God defers the judgment.

1 Kings chapter 22

1Ki 22:1-36. Ahab, seduced by false prophets, according to the word of Micaiah, is slain at Ramoth-gilead.
1Ki 22:37-40. The dogs lick up his blood, and Ahaziah succeeds him.
1Ki 22:41-44. Jehoshaphat’s good reign.
1Ki 22:45. His acts.
1Ki 22:46-50. Jehoram succeeds him.
1Ki 22:51-53. Ahaziah’s evil reign.