1 Timothy chapter 1

1Ti 1:1-4. Timothy is put in mind of the charge which was given unto him by Paul at his going to Macedonia.
1Ti 1:5-10. Of the right use and end of the law.
1Ti 1:11-19. Of Saint Paul’s calling to be an apostle;
1Ti 1:20. and Hymenaeus and Alexander.

1 Timothy chapter 2

1Ti 2:1-8. That it is meet to pray and give thanks for all men, and the reason why.
1Ti 2:9-11. How women should be attired.
1Ti 2:12-14. They are not permitted to teach.
1Ti 2:15. They shall be saved, notwithstanding the testimonies of God’s wrath, in childbirth, if they continue in faith.

1 Timothy chapter 3

1Ti 3:1-13. How bishops and deacons, and their wives should be qualified;
1Ti 3:14. and to what end Saint Paul wrote to Timothy of these things.
1Ti 3:15-16. Of the church, and the blessed truth therein taught and professed.

1 Timothy chapter 4

1Ti 4:1-5. He foretells that in the latter times there shall be a departure from the faith.
1Ti 4:6-16. And to the end that Timothy might not fail in doing his duty, he furnishes him with divers precepts, belonging thereto.

1 Timothy chapter 5

1Ti 5:1-2. Rules to be observed in reproving.
1Ti 5:3-16. Of widows.
1Ti 5:17-22. Of elders.
1Ti 5:23. A precept for Timothy’s health.
1Ti 5:24-25. Some men’s sins go before unto judgment, and some men’s follow after.

1 Timothy chapter 6

1Ti 6:1-2. Of the duty of servants.
1Ti 6:3-5. Not to have fellowship with newfangled teachers.
1Ti 6:6-9. Godliness is great gain;
1Ti 6:10. and love of money the root of all evil.
1Ti 6:11-16. What Timothy is to fly, and what to follow.
1Ti 6:17-19. and whereof to admonish the rich.
1Ti 6:20-21. To keep the purity of true doctrine, and to avoid profane janglings.