1 Peter chapter 1

1Pe 1:1-9. He blesses God for his manifold spiritual graces;
1Pe 1:10-12. shewing that the salvation in Christ is no news, but a thing prophesied of old;
1Pe 1:13-25. and exhorts them accordingly to a godly conversation, forasmuch as they are now born anew by the word of God.

1 Peter chapter 2

1Pe 2:1-3. He exhorts them from the breach of charity;
1Pe 2:4-10. shewing that Christ is the foundation whereupon they are built.
1Pe 2:11-12. He beseeches them also to abstain from fleshly lusts;
1Pe 2:13-17. to be obedient to magistrates;
1Pe 2:18-19. and teaches servants how to obey their masters;
1Pe 2:20-25. patiently suffering for well doing, after the example of Christ.

1 Peter chapter 3

1Pe 3:1-7. He teaches the duty of wives and husbands to each other;
1Pe 3:8-13. exhorting all men to unity and love;
1Pe 3:14-18. and to suffer persecution.
1Pe 3:19-22. He declares also the benefits of Christ toward the old world.

1 Peter chapter 4

1Pe 4:1-11. He exhorts them to cease from sin by the example of Christ, and the consideration of the general end that now approaches;
1Pe 4:12-19. and comforts them against persecution.

1 Peter chapter 5

1Pe 5:1-4. He exhorts the elders to feed their flocks;
1Pe 5:5-7. the younger to obey;
1Pe 5:8. and all to be sober, watchful, and constant in the faith;
1Pe 5:9-14. and to resist the cruel adversary the devil.