1 John chapter 1

1Jo 1:1-4. He describes the person of Christ, in whom we have eternal life, by a communion with God;
1Jo 1:5-10. to which we must adjoin holiness of life, to testify the truth of that our communion and profession of faith, as also to assure us of the forgiveness of our sins by Christ’s death.

1 John chapter 2

1Jo 2:1-2. He comforts them against the sins of infirmity.
1Jo 2:3-8. Rightly to know God is to keep his commandments;
1Jo 2:9-14. to love our brethren;
1Jo 2:15-17. and not to love the world.
1Jo 2:18-19. We must beware of seducers;
1Jo 2:20-29. from whose deceits the godly are safe, preserved by perseverance in faith, and holiness of life.

1 John chapter 3

1Jo 3:1-2. He declares the singular love of God towards us, in making us his sons;
1Jo 3:3-10. who therefore ought obediently to keep his commandments;
1Jo 3:11-24. as also to love one another as brethren.

1 John chapter 4

1Jo 4:1-6. He warns them not to believe all who boast of the Spirit;
1Jo 4:7-21. and exhorts to brotherly love.

1 John chapter 5

1Jo 5:1-2. He that loves God loves his children, and keeps his commandments;
1Jo 5:3-8. which to the faithful are not grievous.
1Jo 5:9-13. Jesus is the Son of God;
1Jo 5:14-21. and able to hear our prayers.