Zechariah chapter 1

Zec 1:1-6. Zechariah exhorts to repentance.
Zec 1:7-11. The vision of the horses.
Zec 1:12-17. At the prayer of the angel comfortable promises are made to Jerusalem.
Zec 1:18-21. The vision of the four horns and the four carpenters.

Zechariah chapter 2

Zec 2:1-5. God, in the care of Jerusalem, sends to measure it.
Zec 2:6-9. The redemption of Zion.
Zec 2:10-13. The promise of God’s presence.

Zechariah chapter 3

Zec 3:1-5. Under the type of Joshua, the high priest, receiving clean garments,
Zec 3:6-7. and a covenant of promise,
Zec 3:8-10. Christ the Branch and Corner Stone is promised.

Zechariah chapter 4

Zec 4:1-10. By the golden candlestick is foreshewn the good success of Zerubbabel’s foundation;
Zec 4:11-14. by the two olive trees the two anointed ones.

Zechariah chapter 5

Zec 5:1-4. By the flying roll is shewn the curse of thieves and swearers;
Zec 5:5-11. and by a woman pressed in an ephah the final judgment of wickedness.

Zechariah chapter 6

Zec 6:1-8. The vision of the four chariots.
Zec 6:9-15. By the crowns of Joshua are shewn the temple and kingdom of Christ the Branch.

Zechariah chapter 7

Zec 7:1-3. The captives inquire concerning the set fasts.
Zec 7:4-7. Zechariah reproves the hypocrisy of their fasting.
Zec 7:8-14. Sin the cause of their captivity.

Zechariah chapter 8

Zec 8:1-8. The restoration of Jerusalem.
Zec 8:9-15. They are encouraged to build the temple by God’s favour to them.
Zec 8:16-17. Good works are required of them.
Zec 8:18-23. Joy and enlargement are promised.

Zechariah chapter 9

Zec 9:1-8. God defends his church.
Zec 9:9-11. Zion is exhorted to rejoice for the coming of Christ, and his peaceable kingdom.
Zec 9:12-17. God’s promises of victory and defence.

Zechariah chapter 10

Zec 10:1-2. God is to be sought unto, and not idols.
Zec 10:3-12. As he visited his flock for sin, so he will save and restore them.

Zechariah chapter 11

Zec 11:1-2. The destruction of Jerusalem.
Zec 11:3-9. The elect being cared for, the rest are rejected.
Zec 11:10-14. The staves of Beauty and Bands broken by the rejection of Christ.
Zec 11:15-17. The type and curse of a foolish shepherd.

Zechariah chapter 12

Zec 12:1-2. Jerusalem a cup of trembling to herself,
Zec 12:3-5. and a burdensome stone to her adversaries.
Zec 12:6-9. The victorious restoring of Judah.
Zec 12:10-14. The repentance of Jerusalem.

Zechariah chapter 13

Zec 13:1. The fountain of purgation for Jerusalem,
Zec 13:2-6. from idolatry, and false prophecy.
Zec 13:7-9. The death of Christ, and the trial of a third part.

Zechariah chapter 14

Zec 14:1-2. The destroyers of Jerusalem destroyed.
Zec 14:3-11. The coming of Christ, and the graces of his kingdom.
Zec 14:12-15. The plague of Jerusalem’s enemies.
Zec 14:16-19. The remnant shall turn to the Lord;
Zec 14:20-21. and their spoils shall be holy.