Ezra chapter 1

Ezr 1:1-4. The proclamation of Cyrus for the building of the temple.
Ezr 1:5-6. The people provide for their return.
Ezr 1:7-11. Cyrus restores the vessels of the temple to Sheshbazzar.

Ezra chapter 2

Ezr 2:1-35. The number that return of the people;
Ezr 2:36-39. of the priests;
Ezr 2:40-42. of the Levites;
Ezr 2:43-54. of the Nethinims;
Ezr 2:55-60. of Solomon’s servants;
Ezr 2:61-63. of the priests who could not shew their pedigree.
Ezr 2:64-67. The whole number of them, with their substance.
Ezr 2:68-70. Their oblations.

Ezra chapter 3

Ezr 3:1-3. The altar is set up.
Ezr 3:4-6. Offerings renewed.
Ezr 3:7. Workmen employed in preparing materials.
Ezr 3:8-13. The foundations of the temple are laid in great joy and mourning.

Ezra chapter 4

Ezr 4:1-6 The adversaries, being not accepted in the building of the temple with the Jews, endeavour to hinder it.
Ezr 4:7-16. Their letter to Artaxerxes.
Ezr 4:17-22. The answer and decree of Artaxerxes.
Ezr 4:23-24. The building is hindered.

Ezra chapter 5

Ezr 5:1-2. Zerubbabel and Jeshua, incited by Haggai and Zechariah, set forward the building of the temple.
Ezr 5:3-5. Tatnai and Shethar-boznai are not able to hinder the Jews.
Ezr 5:6-17. Their letter to Darius against the Jews.

Ezra chapter 6

Ezr 6:1-12. Darius, finding the decree of Cyrus, makes a new decree for the advancement of the building.
Ezr 6:13-15. By the help of Tatnai and Shethar-boznai, according to the decree, the temple is finished.
Ezr 6:16-18. The feast of the dedication is kept;
Ezr 6:19-22. and the passover.

Ezra chapter 7

Ezr 7:1-10. Ezra goes up to Jerusalem.
Ezr 7:11-26. The gracious commission of Artaxerxes to Ezra.
Ezr 7:27-28. Ezra blesses God for this favour.

Ezra chapter 8

Ezr 8:1-14. The companions of Ezra, who returned from Babylon.
Ezr 8:15-20. He sends to Iddo for ministers for the temple.
Ezr 8:21-23. He keeps a fast.
Ezr 8:24-30. He commits the treasures to the custody of the priests.
Ezr 8:31-32. From Ahava they come to Jerusalem.
Ezr 8:33-35. The treasure is weighed in the temple.
Ezr 8:36. The commission is delivered.

Ezra chapter 9

Ezr 9:1-4. Ezra mourns for the affinity of the people with strangers.
Ezr 9:5-15. He prays unto God, with confession of sins.

Ezra chapter 10

Ezr 10:1-5. Ezra encouraged to reform the strange marriages.
Ezr 10:6-8. Ezra assembles the people.
Ezr 10:9-14. The people repent, and promise amendment.
Ezr 10:15-17. The care to perform it.
Ezr 10:18-44. The names of them which had married strange wives.